Kim Jong-un criticizes flawed anti-epidemic measures that led to “serious incidents” in North Korea

North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un pointed out that a “serious incident” that could threaten the security of the North Korean people and the country occurred during the nationwide anti-epidemic work, KCNA reported on June 30.

While chairing a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Politburo on the 29th, Kim Jong-un criticized top officials for neglecting their duties in the fight against the epidemic and ignoring the party’s important decision to address the global health crisis, leading to a “serious incident” that posed a great risk to the safety of the country and its people.

The report did not mention the content of the “serious incident”, while the DPRK has been claiming that there were no cases of infection in the country and that it had closed its borders and taken a number of measures to prevent the epidemic at the beginning of the global outbreak.

KCNA said, “By ignoring the party’s important decision in the country’s emergency anti-virus struggle in the course of preparing for the global health crisis, the officials in charge caused a serious incident, creating a huge crisis for the security of the country and its people.”

Worker’s News, the organ of the DPRK Workers’ Party, on June 27 called for “the highest vigilance” against the new coronavirus at a time when the highly contagious variant strain Delta and epidemic prevention fatigue are spreading rapidly around the world.

All workers and party members must bear in mind that a long-term emergency system against the virus means maximum vigilance and high discipline for a long time, and that emergency measures must be strictly observed, Labor News said.