Bangladesh tomorrow, the national lockdown, the capital of Dhaka, there is a wave of flight

Bangladesh has announced a seven-day national lockdown starting tomorrow (28), and people are not allowed to leave their homes unless it’s an emergency. The news immediately broke out in the capital, Dhaka, where people jammed the roads to the ferry terminal, hoping to return home before the lockdown.

According to the BBC, a new wave of pandemic has emerged in Bangladesh since May 15, with 261 people diagnosed and 22 dead on that day.

On the 25th of this month, 5,869 new cases and 108 deaths were reported in Bangladesh in a single day, leading to the government’s decision to impose a national lockdown. As all public transportation is now closed, people are renting cars and walking to escape Dhaka, making the roads crowded with people.

Bangladesh health agencies said that the national blockade will be implemented tomorrow, the police and border guards will be deployed to prevent people from leaving their homes, and if necessary, the army will also be deployed to assist.