Delta virus is raging WHO: 2 doses of vaccine still need to wear a mask

The WHO said on the 25th that the Indian Delta mutant strain of the virus is raging and strongly recommends that fully vaccinated people wear a good mask and maintain social distance to prevent the epidemic.

The vaccine will not end community transmission, and people must continue to wear a good mask, stay in a ventilated environment, wash their hands at all times, maintain social distance and avoid group gatherings.

Many countries in Europe and the United States have high vaccination rates, such as the United States, Spain, and Israel, and have gradually lifted their mask orders; however, the world is under attack by the Delta strain of the virus, with the United Kingdom delaying the lifting of the city closure and Israel resuming 10 days after announcing the lifting of the mask order.

The World Health Organization said that many countries around the world still have low vaccination rates and are threatened by mutated strains of viruses with high infectivity such as Delta, asking people who are fully vaccinated to “proceed with caution”.