Pay attention to these bad habits

Although many people are quite concerned about their diet and health, but still by some small physical ailments to bother, you may blame their “body”, to be born with a bad constitution to explain the size of the disease, but in fact, doctors have found that in fact, those small discomfort is often from the usual small details that we ignore.

But in fact, doctors have found that in fact, those uncomfortable small ailments, often from the usual small details that we ignore caused by, perhaps in your inadvertent, you have buried the hidden disease.

Suggestions: you may want to see if you have the following incorrect “small habits”, re-examine their own life and rest, to find the root cause of the health code.

Wearing a pair of shoes every day without changing them

Since our feet sweat like the rest of our body, shoes become damp after a day of wear and take at least 24 hours to dry out completely. Wearing the same pair of shoes every day will only keep your feet in a damp state for a long time, and germs will be more likely to grow.

Suggestion: Prepare 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and rotate them. When you get home, you should change into slippers, so that the “tired” shoes can get some air.

Get used to tight-fitting clothes

Tight-fitting clothes can highlight the body’s perfect curves, many girls “love it”, even after the weight gain, but also refused to increase the size. However, wearing too tight clothes for a long time, it is easy to compress the internal organs of the situation, causing abdominal pain, increase the load on the heart, and produce significant discomfort.

If the pants are too tight, the stomach acid will overflow. The overflowing stomach acid stimulates the esophagus and causes chest tightness and chest pain. At the same time, wearing too tight pants for a long time is not conducive to the operation of the body’s gas emissions, the so-called “pain if you do not pass”, abdominal pain and other diseases arise from this.

Suggestions: In addition to weight loss, or no longer self-deception to buy some loose clothing.

Try to save water when washing clothes

Although saving water is a good environmental behavior, but, if you wash clothes with too little water, can not thoroughly clean the clothes on the dirt and laundry detergent, it will irritate the skin, especially sensitive skin, may also cause skin disease. Washing supplies more chemical agents, most of which have a certain degree of skin irritation, residue in our daily “skin-to-skin” clothing, the harm can be imagined. Among them, clothing softener caused by the problem more.

Suggestions: when washing clothes, the water on the water, at least should reach the standard of clean washing do not endanger their health because of blind water saving.

Carry too heavy things

Women’s weak and slender image is no longer respected by society, modern women often have to engage in some of the heavy physical work that only men used to do.

However, don’t disregard your own ability to do something beyond the limits of your body’s burden. Doctors tell us that many cases of sprains and even dislocations are caused by overburdening things.

Suggestion: don’t be a hero, don’t take what you can’t take. Try to keep heavy things close to your body when you are burdened with them.

Wake up in the morning with bare feet

Many foot diseases are caused by this. Feet have to bear our full weight every day, so every day there will be part of the tissue, a certain degree of injury, these injuries need to be rested through the night to recover. If you get up in the morning with bare feet, your heels will be overburdened and the tissues that recovered at night will be seriously injured again.

Suggestion: Wear a pair of flat, low slippers when you get up in the morning or at home in the evening.

Always clip the telephone receiver to talk on the phone

This action can easily trigger muscle pain in the back and neck. In order to avoid the slide of the handset, most people always naturally force to clip it, which will increase the burden on the back and neck muscles, and the muscles between the neck and shoulders in maintaining a long period of tension, there will be muscle spasm phenomenon. This action may also cause serious diseases. A patient in France lost the sight of his left eye and had difficulty speaking because he held the handset between his jaw and shoulder while listening to the phone for a long time.

Advice: Use a hands-free handset or maintain proper posture.

Falling asleep at random

Because of busy schedules or other constraints, many people are not picky about where they sleep, and can sleep anywhere on a chair or in a car. Sleep is a process to restore energy and eliminate fatigue, if you can not let the body fully relax naturally, sleep can not play the role it should play, but also cause muscle pain and even cramps.

Suggestion: Try to avoid sleeping outside the bed. If you really can’t avoid it, sleeping for a while and getting up for a while will be better than sleeping in an uncomfortable place all the time.

Never wash your toothbrush

“Do toothbrushes still need to be cleaned?” Yes, as the saying goes, “disease enters through the mouth”, toothbrushes “visit” our mouths 1-2 times a day, and its hygiene is certainly not to be underestimated.

In fact, the toothbrush in the cleaning of our mouth, it will be contaminated with a variety of substances, including bacteria, plus it is in the bathroom for a long time in such a humid environment, bacteria are more likely to breed. Some studies have proven that toothbrushes that have not been cleaned after 15 days of use will have bacteria.

Suggestion: Wash your toothbrush carefully after brushing your teeth, especially remember to rinse off the residual toothpaste and food residue. Always remember to change your toothbrush after a cold.

Sitting still on the plane for a long time

Sitting still for long periods of time can increase the pressure on your back and leg joints, and can even contribute to the creation of blood clots. Sitting still for a long time on an airplane is even more dangerous. The earth’s gravity causes blood to flow to the heart, but on an airplane, the earth’s gravity is significantly weaker, and if a blood clot is present and flows into the lungs, it can cause a fatal lung obstruction.

Suggestion: When flying, don’t stay in your seat, remember to get up and walk around more.

Do not blink for a long time

This is in the office that deals with computers every day? Glasses staring at the computer screen, may not blink for several minutes. This will probably lead to “computer vision syndrome”, there are tears in the eyes, vision loss, wear contact lenses discomfort and other symptoms.

Suggestion: Take a break from using your eyes for a while and blink your eyes. After every 20 minutes of eye use, look away for 30 seconds.