Police officers promoted to a heavy mood, the Hong Kong people to fight against high morale

Lin Zheng has one year left to appoint and dismiss officials in a hurry before the Communist Party’s centennial celebration on July 1. The four of them looked grave and unhappy as they said a few words of officialdom and then slipped away. It was clear that the promoted officials were in a heavy mood, and Lin Zheng was worried about the future of the year’s administration.

Lin Zheng’s appointment and removal, of course, is not her idea, she is now just pulling the thread doll. The nomination is not hers, it must be the Liaison Office of Luo Huining, Luo Huining said one, how dare Lin Zheng say two?

Why only one year left, but also adjust the main officials? Very simple, the next term must not be the turn of Lin Zheng, Lin Zheng to leave, Li Jiachao Deng Bingqiang may not be able to stay in office, not to mention the opportunity to be promoted. Over the past year, Li and Deng commanded the police force and law enforcement agencies to suppress the resistance of the people of Hong Kong, “no merit but also hard work”, and took thousands of scorn, if not rewarded for merit and give a little benefit, it will not only discourage them both, but also discourage thousands of police officers.

The promotion of Li Deng proves that the SAR government has become a police government, and the focus of future administration is still on suppressing the resistance of Hong Kong people. Li Ka-chiu’s statement that his focus is to coordinate the relationship between the executive and the legislature proves that he has no clue about his work. The job of the Chief Secretary is not to make long-term planning for the overall economy and livelihood of Hong Kong, not to solve the urgent epidemic and economy, to solve housing and employment, but to solve the relationship between the executive and the legislature!

What other executive-legislature relationship does Hong Kong need to solve? The Legislative Council is a pro-establishment body directly under the leadership of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government, and the Chinese Communist Party emphasizes that the legislature and the executive should cooperate with each other. The easiest thing to deal with in the future is the relationship between the legislature and the executive, but Li Jiachao does not even understand this, and he has to read a script when he comes out to meet reporters to say a few words.

A police officer, no experience in politics, the clip to promote him to the position of political secretary, the future of the SAR government’s governance, can be imagined.

Originally, the promotion and salary is a good thing, but from Lin Zheng to the promotion of three people, are not “happy spirit” feeling, but four people look ashen, heavy heart, look gloomy. The centenary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party is approaching, next year there will be the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive election in Hong Kong, all of them are big events, and they can all be big events.

The anti-China movement has just been suppressed, Apple Daily has just been forced to disband, just by looking at the reaction of the citizens on the last night in Apple, we can understand that public opinion is lopsided, and later on, we will move from collective resistance to piecemeal, from open activities to non-cooperation movement, Hong Kong people will never give up. When a new official assumes office, the top has to flatter the Chinese Communist Party, and the bottom has to deal with the public, which is not a good road to take.

On the contrary, although the people of Hong Kong were arrested and sentenced to imprisonment, most of them still made common cause, and the young people did not give up the struggle to be submissive at all. On the last night of the Apple Daily, applause and cheers were heard inside the newspaper office, and outside the office, people echoed and lined up to buy newspapers, as if they were not experiencing a tragic death, but rather celebrating a new phase of the protest movement. The high emotions of Hong Kong people are in sharp contrast to the low emotions of government officials.

As the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its centennial, the mainland is in a state of anxiety and fear, not like a great and thriving party that is embracing the great festival of spring, but as if the end is near, forcing smiles and whistling for courage.

The world sees the Chinese Communist Party as a hostile force, and in response to the crackdown on Apple Daily, the world’s major media, social organizations, and even dignitaries have come out to support Apple Daily, and U.S. lawmakers have even called on Congress to give awards to Apple employees. In such an unpleasant situation, the promotion of Li Ka-chiu and Deng Bing-keung is ironic enough, and it feels like being roasted on a stove.

Hong Kong people are currently under pressure, but the situation at home and abroad is improving step by step. The Chinese Communist Party is eating the old capital, the old capital will be eaten up one day, when the day of general liquidation comes, not only Li Ka-chiu Deng Bing-keung, together with Lin Zheng and other establishment, will be escorted to the judgment bench of history. If it were me, when would I wait if I didn’t slip away at this time? Unfortunately, Li Deng and Lin Zheng, now want to slip can not slip away.

People have a sixth sense, so do good things, so do bad things. Look at Xi Jinping rate of Politburo members to take the oath, also look gloomy, look at his inspection said those pessimistic and dismal words, meaning that their sixth sense is also very bad. The root cause of the bad mood of the promotion of Lin Zheng and Li Deng and others is also the same, that is, the future will be very bad days.

Hong Kong people do not have to be pessimistic, like the Apple Daily staff, let us cheer each other up, keep the fighting spirit, emotions high to meet the future. The future is not too far away, the world is changing every day, only for the better.