Hong Kong’s pro-democracy parties face catastrophe as the New Democratic Alliance announces its dissolution

Hong Kong’s political space is narrowing by the day, and there is the threat of jail time. The political party New Democratic Alliance (NDA) announced its dissolution on Saturday evening (26) on the social media platform Facebook, saying that the executive committee and all district councillors held a meeting last week to decide whether to stay or go, and decided to dissolve with the consent of the majority.

In a posting, the NDA mentioned that the political environment in Hong Kong has changed drastically in the past two years, with the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, some former members of the party are in jail, and different members have chosen to quit, leave or stay due to their own considerations. The NDA said that in the changing environment, it is no longer possible to cling to the baggage and established thinking of the past, describing that members will continue to work with fellow democrats to speak out, regardless of whether they are in the same organization.

It is understood that members of the party have similar voting results on whether to keep or dissolve the party, and frankly some members hope to dissolve the party to “keep safe”, thinking that “it is better to do it than not to do it”.

In the 2019 District Council elections, the New Democratic Alliance successfully won 19 seats, but with some members resigning from the party or resigning as district councillors, there are only eight district councillors left. Among them, Fan Kwok Wai and Tam Kai Pong, who were involved in last year’s “35+” primary election for the democratic camp and are being remanded in custody, announced earlier that they had resigned from the party.

The posting said that the New Democratic Alliance was established 11 years ago, a group of native-born Hong Kong people, do not forget to fight for the full implementation of universal suffrage, the original intention of moving towards a democratic society, since its inception experienced three district councils and three Legislative Council elections, with deep community service attitude, in line with the people’s livelihood is no small matter, democracy to adhere to the faith, with pragmatic local and perseverance spirit, little by little to win the support and trust of the public In the past two years, however, in the face of rapid changes, we have been able to win the support and trust of the public.

However, in the past two years, in the face of the rapidly changing Hong Kong society, the political environment has become much worse than before, and with the implementation of the National Security Law, there are former members of the New Democratic Alliance who are still in jail, followed by the relevant legislation requiring public officials to take oaths.

In the changing environment, it is no longer possible to cling to the baggage of the past and the established thinking. Those who remain must be prepared to adapt to the new environment and start anew.

Finally, the New Democracy Coalition would like to thank all those who have joined and those who have joined in the past, the staff of the legislators’ offices, the volunteers, and the supporters of the New Democracy Coalition.