Confirmed diagnoses and deaths spike in Bangladesh, 1-week nationwide lockdown

The number of confirmed cases and deaths of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) in India’s neighboring Bangladesh has surged, with 108 new deaths reported yesterday (25). To prevent the epidemic from getting out of control, a strict new national lockdown policy will be implemented from June 28 for an expected period of 1 week.

According to foreign media reports, the Bangladesh government announced that all government and private offices will be closed for one week. Only medical-related transport will be allowed, and people will not be allowed to leave their homes except in case of emergency.

Robed Amin, a spokesman for the Bangladesh Ministry of Health, said police and border guards will be deployed to tighten the lockdown, and the army may be used if necessary.

Amin said the situation in Bangladesh is critical, and if not controlled, the country could face a similar surge in cases as India.

Bangladesh Ministry of Health officials said that the Indian variant of the virus Delta has spread to the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, local medical institutions are facing great pressure; Bangladesh’s largest state-owned medical institutions Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) said the hospital admitted Wuhan pneumonia patients, 80% of patients from the capital.

Bangladesh has seen a significant increase in confirmed cases since mid-May. There were nearly 6,000 new confirmed cases and 108 new deaths yesterday, the second highest death toll since the outbreak in Bangladesh.