Fascial gun is effective, but not where to press for pain

From the fascia gun into the Chinese market so far, is no longer just the gym standard, in a way also become a pop-up national small appliances.

In addition to the rapid growth of HYPERICE based on NBA, more domestic brands have risen, among them the price advantage to attract users of the pineapple Jun, but also join the Xiaomi ecological chain of Yunmai, and even Xiaomi, Huawei, Li Ning, Keep and other sports brands, have launched their own brand of fascia gun.

And the modern people who choose to buy the fascia gun, not to achieve sports recovery, but to achieve DIY massage after 996 work, but the need to relax the muscles is almost the same.

But the utility of the fascia gun, need to do further discussion from the point of view of sports science, we can get the conclusion is – fascia gun effective, but not where the pain where to press.

The product benefits to be promoted by the major fascia gun brands are relatively focused – the use of impingement therapy, i.e., the rapid, rhythmic tapping of the patient’s skin so that DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness after exercise) and other similar muscle discomforts can be relieved.

And long before the arrival of fascia guns, a new technology originating from abroad, glimpses of it could already be found in our traditional medicine, such as the common Chinese medicine method of health care – the “tapping the lung meridian”.

From the product principle alone, the fascia gun is effective.

Fascial guns generally use mechanics to mimic impact therapy by transmitting force to deep fascia through high-frequency vibration to achieve relaxation, help muscle soft tissue recovery, promote blood circulation, effectively dissipate the large amount of creatine produced by exercise, and improve fascial problems [1].

However, the same fascial gun in different hands may not produce the same effect. There is a professional threshold for the use of a fascial gun.

For example, most users, without common knowledge of rehabilitation therapy, will only unconsciously use the gun to massage the myofascia after exercise, forming the wrong thinking of “where to press for pain This is not only ineffective, but even inefficient.

This is not only ineffective, but may even cause numbness in the area of stress, which may lead to further injury.

Because on the one hand, the human fascia is like a net that can be contracted and connected to the whole body, the wrong use of a single point of the fascia gun to press, it is like using external force to knead the local point of this net into a ball, resulting in pain.

On the other hand, the fascial gun is not suitable for all parts of the body, the parts with less muscle coverage, the parts with dense nerves and blood vessels, and the parts near the spine are all prohibited areas.

Fascial guns make an effective tool, but the prerequisite for this tool to be effective still requires the user to have the basic knowledge to operate it.

Netflix gun, from no name to a global fire

Myofascial gun may have surpassed the massage chair, massage hammer, as the most popular relaxation massage small appliances.

This “gun ” relaxes the body’s soft tissues through high-frequency impact, stimulating its proprioceptive function, which in turn plays an effective role in relieving muscle tension and achieving the purpose of pain relief.

Shock therapy, which is the basis of the fascial gun principle, has actually existed for a long time, and its origin can be traced back to the 1800s.

And in that era, various forms of percussion massage flooded the public eye. Tapotement, for example, which was created in 1868, is a quick, rhythmic method of tapping on the patient’s skin. It has been proven to be very helpful for sports performance.

The concept was gradually modernized until the 1970s, during which time the first tapping massager was developed and patented, designed to release muscle stress in chiropractic patients.

In 2008, Jason Werseland, a Los Angeles chiropractor who suffered from a herniated disc and back pain after a motorcycle accident, invented the first massage gun in order to be able to carry the tool around with him to give himself a massage.

So the fascial gun is not a breakthrough, its concept from being used, to explode the world, experienced two centuries long.

But questions about the fascia gun have always existed, and the varying pricing standards have made it impossible for many people to choose, and the question “Is the fascia gun safe? Is it an IQ tax? What is the difference between the different prices of fascia guns? “. And the feedback on the network after use is often puzzling. Some even questioned, “Can a sports injury be relieved by a fascia gun? “

The fascia gun bursts into flames, but its basic rules of use and contraindicated range, the business is not first popularized. For many ordinary consumers, this is likely to be counterproductive to cause injury.

A fascia gun review

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of a fascia gun, the prerequisite is that the individual happens to have the basic knowledge of physical therapy, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the effect of a fascia gun.

/ Post-exercise recovery

To relieve delayed muscle soreness, you first need to apply the gun immediately after exercise to help reduce the buildup of lactic acid and toxins in the muscles.

Reapplication the next day can help improve circulation and bring oxygen to the muscles while relaxing hardened fascia.

However, if used only occasionally and for a substandard length and range of massage, it is likely to fail to deliver any positive results.

// Improve sports performance

What many people actually overlook is that the benefits of using a fascia gun before a workout are no less than those of using it afterwards.

While vibration therapy can be effective in increasing range of motion, this can help in the expansion of range of motion during a workout [2]. For example, increasing the range of motion of the ankle can help achieve a deeper squatting position.

One study found that using a massage gun before exercise may reduce the total number of microtears in the muscle compared to using a fascial gun after exercise [3].

Promoting blood flow to the target area through massage may increase the storage of oxygen and nutrients within the muscle in preparation for subsequent exercise exertion.

/ / Promoting blood flow

Certain types of soft tissue therapies, including massage therapy, are thought to locally tend to blood circulation [4]

Although there is no specific evidence that massage guns can improve circulation, this does not necessarily mean that they are not helpful for this purpose.

This is because the mechanical pounding action of a massage gun increases blood flow to the target area, effectively reducing swelling and eliminating circulation-related sensations such as numbness and tingling.

If there is a problem with the calf due to sitting at a desk for too long, a fascial gun may help eliminate some fluid buildup. However, if significant or severe swelling occurs, it is important to consult a physician before attempting to use a fascia gun.

In addition to the possible potential benefits mentioned above, there is a large body of research demonstrating that deep massage can help fibromyalgia patients “significantly improve ” quality of life and symptoms [5], and while long-term massage therapy is considered an effective symptom management tool for fibromyalgia, there is still not enough research related to the fascial gun [6].

Guidelines for the use of the fascial gun

Fascial guns are relatively safe, even if they are not sufficiently effective. Instead, the main risk of the fascial gun is related to improper use.

There are four rules that the general public can follow when using a fascial gun.

Start slowly: The nature of the fascial gun’s conductive, electric strikes through mechanics makes it impossible for many people to quantitatively control the amount of intensity it can deliver. It is recommended that all bodybuilders start with the lowest intensity for massage and then gradually increase the intensity.

avoid touching the bones: massaging the bones with the fascia gun is the same as hitting them with a hammer and does not provide any benefit, it is recommended to start with the larger muscle groups such as the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, calves, latissimus dorsi and trapezius and use a hand aid to help identify the skeletal areas to avoid.

Keep moving: Make sure you are not pressing hard or staying in one place too long, which can easily cause localized injury. Keep the gun moving as much as possible to obtain the best results.

The longer the massage is not the better: although manual massage is very effective after 90 minutes. However, for the fascial gun, try to control the area of each part of the massage between 3-5 minutes.

In addition, mastering basic anatomical knowledge and understanding the direction of muscle and blood circulation. It is a prerequisite for using the fascial gun. The fascial gun needs to be used in accordance with the body’s muscle texture and fascial direction, not just to hit the muscle soreness click.

Moreover, the fascial gun is not suitable for all parts of the body. Parts with less muscle coverage, parts with dense nerves and blood vessels, and near the spine are all off-limits. Places like the head, front of the neck, collarbone, armpits, spine, inner upper arms and thighs, where there are a lot of nerves and blood vessels distributed, cannot be used with the fascia gun.

There are also people who have joint discomfort and want to use the fascia gun to help recover, then in the specific use of the process, the part to hit can not be a joint, but according to the direction of the muscle to find the distal end of the appropriate force. How much distance is considered distal and which part should be hit involves professional knowledge of rehabilitation medicine, which cannot be operated for ordinary people.

After purchasing a fascial gun, you can read the instructions for use to understand the basic usage. However, many brands of fascia guns will inform consumers that they are able to help improve muscle contusions, spasms and other problems with the fascia gun. When it must be clear, certainly not in the acute period of contusion, strain to use the fascia gun, that will only make the injury aggravated.

In addition, the motor and battery life can vary depending on the price, and a fascial gun that is too cheap on the market may not provide an effective massage.

Although the myofascial gun seems simple and easy to use, but want to really achieve its utility, in fact, need to do more in-depth research.