How to stand between conflicting superiors

Early workplace quotes say: ‘work well again, not as good as with the right leader’, in the workplace career, whether it is the fledgling workplace rookie, or the tried and tested workplace professionals, have more or less been the workplace ‘stand in line’ phenomenon troubled by.

Whether it is trying to profit from the conflict between the leaders, or trying to make a good deal of money, or firmly stand in line. The first step to understand a very fundamental question is: Is there really an irreconcilable conflict between leaders? Especially in many cases in the lower levels of us, the dynamics of the top is not always grasped in full, it is likely that the so-called contradiction is simply their own misunderstanding. Gossip can talk, but after chatting and laughing, please forget it, because it is likely that the gossip that so-and-so and so-and-so do not fit, just some ulterior motives of people’s speculation, or just bored to make up to play, seriously you lost.

1、Never admit the faction

Two-sided faction, loyalist, interest faction, neutral faction, which faction are you? Time will tell you that the neutral faction is a sound approach, even if you do not go to the left and right, do not deliberately to draw the line. But as a small role in the workplace, we have to do is just to maintain neutrality on it.

2, do not make mistakes of principle to protect the interests of the company

By don’t make mistakes of principle means: all from the company’s interests, never publicly admit the existence of factions, never deliberately draw a line with others, with the interests of the general trend, not with the leadership not with the faction, on things not on people.
Q: Which side is the safest for you, as the Chancellor, when the first and second emperors compete for the throne?
A: “It is safest to stand on the side of the emperor.”

Here the emperor is not a specific person, but a representative of the direction of interest, with the general trend and interests, not with the leadership and factions, so the court drama, the workplace is the same. There is no eternal faction, only the eternal interests of the company. Remember you are just a small soldier, do not see yourself as too important. And on this basis there are some not excessive means, it would be better.

But if you can not afford to suppress both sides, a faction of its own, in the middle of the balance is the choice to maximize the benefits. The premise is 1. your bottom enough 2. you have that means and mind 3, do not have greed

Especially in their two internal conflict when you desperately trying to develop, business ability and other aspects of the sudden progress, if your own bottom enough, become a dark horse fisherman also.

3, be a useful person

Whether or not there is a factional struggle, to be a useful person. Far more important and more affordable than being someone who is. Leaders will not be easy to an important position on the important people. Instead of spending time and energy on studying the art of standing in line, it is better to stay away from strife and accumulate yourself. So it is simple to know that there are factions and not take them seriously. Take a step back, even if the situation finally forces people to leave, your next proprietor still values your performance and ability the most!