Jiang Wenhua charged with “intentional homicide” Fudan’s dead secretary was ironically “seeking mercy”?

On June 7, Jiang Wenhua, a young returnee teacher at Fudan, stabbed and killed Wang Yongzhen, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Mathematics, claiming that he had suffered from rumors and frame-ups. Ten days later, an official statement from Fudan University defended Wang Yongzhen on the issues of resume, plagiarism and political trial. Jiang Wenhua was then formally arrested and his future was in doubt.

On June 21, the second branch of the Shanghai Procuratorate approved the arrest of the suspect Jiang Wenhua for “suspected intentional homicide.

Fudan University claimed on the 17th that the two did not collaborate on the publication of the paper and there was no academic plagiarism; as of June 7, Jiang Wenhua’s one-year employment contract with the university had not expired and the university had not made a decision to cancel or terminate Jiang’s employment contract.

Fudan University said Jiang Wenhua failed the assessment, no plagiarism, no political review

In June 2019, the School of Mathematical Sciences conducted an assessment of Jiang Wenhua’s appointment and determined that he had not completed the work tasks agreed upon in the contract, but took into account his special circumstances and renewed his one-year employment contract for another year in November 2020.

The university did not explain the criteria and special circumstances, but stressed that there is no political review in the evaluation process.

According to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s Cultural Protection Bureau on June 7, Jiang Wenhua, who was covered in blood, told police after being subdued on the scene of the incident that he had been “framed” for years and “treated badly”. It remains unclear to the outside world what he was referring to.

“I’ve been waiting for someone from Fudan University to come forward and say something fair. Two and a half thousand years ago there was Sima Qian who dared to fight for the grandson of Li Guang.” Wang Gang, a former associate professor at Hebei Engineering University, pointed out that Fudan’s family’s words are very unfair to Jiang Wenhua, and that political review is generally the unspoken rule for promotion in universities.

“First of all, it can not be unilateral, it says how it is. The court trial depends on what Dr. Jiang says. The confessions of the parties have to be combined and compared with each other, not contradictory to do so. The deceased has died, but certainly left traces of interaction, such as the promotion of the written denial of Jiang Wenhua …… cunning criminals are at the end of the destruction of evidence, the above must have colluded. Second, now the political trial back, even the college entrance exams, graduate students, to join the work are political trial, which is an open secret. And the party is one heart, or not one heart, is the important criteria.”

Our reporter tried to search for the appointment notice and result announcement for young teachers at Fudan, but the entire official website of the School of Mathematics was inaccessible.

For the young researchers of Fudan University who have implemented the “associate appointment – long term appointment system”, the university will sign a second three-year appointment contract with them after the first three-year appointment period has been assessed and passed. If the second appointment period is successful and the researcher has been promoted to a higher level of professional and technical position within the two appointment periods, he/she will enter the long-tenured faculty series.

The “promotion or leave” has recently become a target, but Rao Yi, an alumnus of Fudan and president of Capital Medical University, said in an article that the pre-employment system is the best and effective faculty personnel system to date at Peking University and Tsinghua, which helps to get rid of inbreeding. The public opinion hit the wrong target and should aim at the original system or traditional customs. What the original system and customs refer to, he does not elaborate.

In 2017, Wang Gang, who was already an associate professor position, received his first appointment contract and pointed out from his personal experience that the root of corruption in colleges and universities lies in one-party dictatorship and the prevalence of the rule of man, and that the appointment system instead gives more room for those in power to operate. 2018, Wang Gang set up a weibo group to defend his rights according to the law, insisted on criticizing corruption and called for political reform, and the school directly dismissed him on the pretext of failed attendance and family conflicts.

“Handan Medical College is like this, will Fudan be a clean slate? What Dr. Jiang did crossed my mind. When I was dismissed, I thought about dying together. How to be a villain and how to pretend to be a gentleman, that’s their trick. At the beginning, I even rated four years before becoming an associate professor, Duan Yangquan is worse than me, five consecutive, and finally made a killer to send money, only Gao Qingrong and Yang Guangpu two judges confiscated …… promotion judges of selfishness is great, public mind is small, only Professor Gao Qingrong see the level of my paper, the rest are interest-related. “

Domestic intellectuals call for lighter sentences

Shanghai Normal University history professor Xiao Gong Qin issued an article calling for a suspended death sentence for Jiang Wenhua, reduce the sea worries, foreign “non-promotion is gone” to tenure-track faculty rate of about 70-80%, while China’s rate can even be as low as 5%, is bound to cause vicious competition.

“Based on the suspect’s partial ability to act and the seriousness of the consequences of his crime, a suspended death sentence is more appropriate.” He speculated that Jiang Wenhua suffered from persecuted schizophrenia and depression due to his unsuccessful career and personality bias.

Renowned economist Zhang Wuchang also held for Jiang Wenhua, he believes that pure mathematicians to change careers is not easy, the contingency rate of mental disorders is also higher, but Princeton University can treat the schizophrenic John Nash kindly, worthy of domestic study. “Research-oriented universities have never managed the depth of ideas, not much care how well they teach, not to mention what interpersonal relationships should be spoken of.”

Zhu Gang, Fudan: the fact that the absence of benevolence

“When the incident occurred suddenly, there were no witnesses to the murder, and the deceased has been carried out, the murderer in the police, there is no way to ask the facts. However, the rumors started quickly, the slander grows day by day, a long story, such as the construction, its momentum is raging, sweeping the entire network. Only Fudan teachers and students are unmoved. This is not the love of the school, can ignore the facts? ……”

The head of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan, Zhu Gang, released “Seeking benevolence, eternally cherished rest in peace” on his website on June 18, which triggered netizens to spit out its rough lines, illogical, and perhaps ironic strings.

For example, since “there is no way to ask for the facts”, how to determine what is a rumor? The phrase “seeking benevolence and gaining mercy” is from the Analects of Confucius, but in the modern context it is mostly used in a derogatory sense to describe a person who deserves to die.

The station sent an interview request to Zhu Gang, but did not receive a response at press time.

I don’t think he was being ironic, trying to show off his literary skills and making a fool of himself,” argued He Anquan, founder of the Shanghai Nationalist Party. As the head of the Chinese department, the philosophy of Chinese officials in dealing with things is to be politically correct and careful not to be offended by their words.”

On July 1, the Shanghai National Party will hold a ceremony to launch the “Yang Jia Award” in front of the Chinese Consulate General in New York. Chinese netizens have already shown their enthusiasm to donate. He Anquan stressed that they oppose the promotion of violence and harm to the innocent, and only target the violent state apparatus of the CCP’s totalitarian system, including party organizations at all levels, the government, the public prosecution and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

He Anquan: “We do not support the use of violence, but we sympathize in principle with the form of ‘forceful resistance’, especially in terms of compassion for the families. 709 lawyers fought through legal resistance, Yang Jia and Jiang Wenhua fought through violence. They had both been law-abiding, honest, introverted and stubborn, taking the road of ‘peace and justice’ to complain, in return for intensified (treatment) until they broke through the bottom line and could tolerate no more.”

Regarding the penalty Jiang Wenhua faces, Wang Gang pointed out that, from a legal point of view, the death penalty may be executed immediately, suspended to death or life imprisonment, but in the long run, the “Shi Jianxiao” who avenged his father’s death was pardoned by the Republican Court, and the North Korean vigilante “An Chonggen” who killed Ito Hirobumi also did not deserve to die.

“This is a system that destroys good people. His character and face are very close to Chen Jingrun’s. People with special talents have eccentricities, do not eat the world, and do not care about the Chinese subtle rules. Jiang’s life belongs not only to China, but to the whole world. There will be a re-evaluation when history makes qualitative progress.”

The ideal, and very slim, ending, Wang Gang said, would be for Jiang Wenhua to gain terminal access to the library system while in prison and continue his mathematical research.