University students seek to install air conditioning in the heat Authorities to prevent campus risks

Following the recent crackdown on a small-scale “student movement” in Jiangsu province over the “restructuring” of independent colleges, the authorities are nervous about the recent demands for air conditioning by students at a number of colleges in Henan and Hunan. According to documents, the authorities are preventing young people from following the example of the revolutionary TV series “The Age of Awakening” and starting a movement “based on the experience of their revolutionary predecessors”.

Students in Henan and Hunan Schools Demand Air Conditioning

At the beginning of summer, there is hot weather in many parts of the country, with the highest temperature in some areas reaching 37℃ to 40℃. In many universities and colleges, many students are so hot that they cannot sleep due to the lack of air conditioning, and they are crying out for help.

For students at Henan University of Science and Technology’s Kaiyuan campus, what is more difficult than the weather is the difference in treatment between domestic and international students. The students of the university could not stand it and shouted at the building in the early morning to ask the university leaders to install air conditioning, and the sound shook the campus, and the scene was chaotic.

From the end of May, Henan University of Science and Technology is located in Luoyang City, there is a continuous high temperature weather, the highest temperature has exceeded 40 ℃, is close to the local June temperature history peak.

The university’s college students have been giving feedback on the Internet for days in various ways, hoping that the university will heed everyone’s call to install air conditioners for the dormitories. Henan University of Science and Technology finally responded publicly to the students’ request a few days ago, but the response made the students even angrier.

According to the response of Henan University of Science and Technology, the reason for not installing air conditioners in the dormitories of college students is that “the wiring (of the dormitories) is aging and cannot be loaded with high-powered appliances.”

However, the students of the university do not think so. They found that the first and second floors where international students live in the same building are installed with air conditioners as well as high-powered appliances such as water heaters. But when it comes to domestic students living on the 3rd to 6th floors, the air conditioners become “unloadable high power appliances”. Netizens ridiculed: “Is it that African students are more afraid of heat than domestic university students?”

According to media follow-up reports, in a building of Henan University of Science and Technology’s Jing Yuan dormitory area, international students live on the first two floors, and domestic students live on the third to sixth floors.

In addition to Henan University of Science and Technology, Hunan Province’s Xiangnan College, Hunan Transportation Vocational and Technical College, Hunan First Normal College and many other schools in Hunan Province, there are also some institutions in Jiangsu and Fujian provinces, whose students demanded air conditioning, not the least of which were shouting buildings in protest.

The news of successive student collective demands has raised tensions among the Chinese Communist authorities.

Authorities beware of campus risks

According to a document circulating on Weibo, revolutionary CCP dramas such as “The Age of Awakening” have become popular among college students, and many of them have posted screenshots of messages in their circles on Weibo, saying they want to “learn from the experience of their revolutionary predecessors” and calling on the student body to unite and put pressure on the school. The first is that the students of Hunan First Normal College have taken a cue from Henan University of Science and Technology to express their demands in the form of “collective shouting”, and the topic of #Hunan universities requesting the installation of air conditioning has appeared on Weibo, “the risk of public opinion collusion should not be underestimated”.

The document also suggests that education authorities and relevant colleges and universities should comprehensively map out the risks and hazards on campus to ensure that no major public opinion hazards arise.

According to media reports, “The Age of Awakening” is a multi-departmental “tribute drama” for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Unlike the childish “brainwashing” films of the past, the drama focuses on Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Hu Shi and other major founders of the New Culture Movement, with romanticism mixed with “revolutionary” dedication and sensational content. It is rare on Douban and other scoring sites to get the approval of many young people.

The document was reposted on Twitter, sparking a buzz: “Suggest adding a warning to TV shows and movies about the Communist revolution, such as The Age of Awakening: ‘Any imitation of the plot of this film is strictly forbidden.'”

Others said, “The Age of Awakening is over-promoted. It only makes people think that the old Communist Party was like that and the current Communist Party is like this. Oh. Big enough to disappoint a lot of people with the government without having to say much.”

Some people also mocked that the Communist Party promised “democracy” and “freedom”, but in the end, there is no air conditioning in summer.

Another netizen left a comment, “The Age of Awakening: youths wake up hot from sleep and cry out for air conditioning.”

Regarding the CCP’s use of “revolutionary dramas” such as “The Age of Awakening” to brainwash the public while preventing them from following suit, Epoch Times columnist Wang He said, “The CCP’s brainwashing is becoming more and more sophisticated. The CCP has been fabricating the myth of a ‘revolution’ in an attempt to justify the communist revolution and make it a source of legitimacy for the CCP regime. It is true that during the decades when the Communist Party was transplanted to China by the Soviet Union, there were some hot-blooded young people with ideals to save the country who were attracted and deceived to come in, but all of them were just embellishments and almost all of them became victims of the ‘Communist revolution’.”

He also gave the example that “Wasn’t Chen Duxiu expelled from the Party? After the ‘armed division’ of the Communist Party, in such a dangerous environment, there was still constant internal fighting, rectifying the AB group, catching traitors and traitors, etc. It was a lot of fun. For example, in the early 1930s, ‘the Red Army was only 30,000 to 40,000 strong in the Soviet Union, but two purges were carried out, killing more than 6,000 people, half of whom were killed, that is to say, one out of ten Red Army members were killed, and almost all of them were cadres’ (in the words of Liao Gailong, an authority on the history of the CCP on the mainland). These facts, these historical truths, the CCP has been covering up and falsifying.”

According to Wang He, one of the CCP’s major techniques of lying is to cut up history and extract only a point, a fragment, a side, to its advantage. But the end result is inevitably the bankruptcy of indoctrination.

“First, the huge contrast between the myth of ‘revolution’ propagated by the CCP and real life has bankrupted the CCP’s indoctrination. You go to buy food every day to cook food prices keep rising, you want housing prices have become sky high. Secondly, the ‘revolutionary’ myth propagated by the CCP has pointed the way for young people nowadays to rise up against the CCP’s perverse practices. Mao called on people to study Marx and Lenin, but many of those who did were beaten down by Mao, from Yang Xiaokai during the Cultural Revolution to Yue Xin, a student at Peking University today, who was arrested by the CCP.”

Wang He said, “The CCP started out as a movement and was most afraid of young people following their example back then, of intellectuals combining with workers and peasants, and of people’s freedom of speech and association. As a result, it has taken total and extreme control over the whole society, forcing all Chinese people to a dead end, which eventually led to a total eruption of the volcano – a fate that cannot be escaped. The way the CCP started determines its end.”