Even the criminals are starting to roll inside

In 2018, a high-tech enterprise was introduced into the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Changsha City. The company called Hunan Tongzhi Network Technology is definitely a local leader, with most of the founding team coming from well-known 985 universities like Tsinghua University and Sun Yat-sen University. It’s just a matter of high-caliber students from prestigious universities starting their own businesses, but the key research is still the most cutting-edge.

Blockchain technology.

If you ask the local leaders to support such a company, of course they will support it.

At the end of 2019, a socialite named Zhang Guocheng approached Peng Chao, one of the founders of Hunan Tongzhi, and wanted to commission them to develop an app.

The app he requested was a complete clone of the Hong Kong brokerage firm Fuqiang Securities, A shares, Hong Kong stocks, U.S. stocks everything, looks exactly the same as the real trading software, but in fact it is a virtual disk manipulated by Brother Zhang and them.

The company’s business is not just about the company’s business. Until early 2020, because of the impact of the epidemic, Hunan Tongzhi has financial difficulties, in the knowledge that Brother Zhang is certainly a fraudulent gang, the famous students still took the order, and has sent employees to Thailand several times, for Zhang Guocheng to maintain the server.

Not long ago, the Ministry of Public Security announced an interesting fraud case. When the police investigated a network telecom fraud case, they found that the criminal gang’s App background processing was particularly clean and extremely difficult to track. The police uncle directly used 4 words to describe it.


This seamless App was made by Peng Chao and his men.

The police uncle said, Peng Chao and others developed a variety of imitation APPs such as Dingcheng Securities, Fuqiang Securities to implement fraud, involving funds of up to hundreds of millions of yuan. In addition, they also used their extensive knowledge to create the so-called running score system, which was used to launder money.

Before explaining the running score system, Naiwu first told you about Brother Zhang’s scheme.

Brother Zhang’s group packaging first out of some stock master teachers, using live and other ways to attract students to watch their speculation. In the live room, these master teachers can even break the A-share trading rules, T + 0 trading, a second hundreds of thousands of up and down to see everyone’s blood boiling, have asked to use the teacher’s version of “Fuqiang Securities “.

At this point, they will be pulled into a WeChat group. The group, in addition to the teacher, there are many people from Brother Zhang, such as the water army responsible for waving flags to build momentum, there are student assistants responsible for answering user queries and so on. Most of them are middle school, high school, or even junior high school graduates after 00. The performance locations are in South Asia.

Some trainees told Naiwu, a large group of several hundred people, often only two customers.

Do not blame these students, in addition to fake actors, “Fuqiang Securities” there are many real celebrity endorsements, such as dare to ask where the road is.

Mr. Jiang Dawei.

Not every student can use the teacher’s “Fuqiang Securities”, the opportunity is to grab, use the people immediately to the App account to deposit, that is, to play money.

This is the turn of Peng Chao and their development of the running score system to appear. Whenever a new customer wants to play money, the system will post the task online, people who want to earn a little money start grabbing orders, after grabbing orders successfully, their own receipt QR code will be sent directly to the new customer for playing money, and then finally the money received will be played to Brother Zhang’s gang.

This fully automated, ant-move money laundering method is very difficult to trace.

The trainees were very motivated to play money, and they were having fun in the fake stock market set up by Zhang’s gang. But slowly, everyone found that the money earned could not be withdrawn.

In December last year, the police successfully captured the gang in Hunan, including suspects Peng Hao, Gan Bin and Liu Wanyu, and were briefed not long ago.

But the strange thing is that Naiwu found a copy of the magistrate’s paperwork from the Zhejiang Cixi City Intermediate Court last October, which said the three had been arrested in May last year and sentenced to more than a year in October.

Fortunately, another arrest of the police uncles fast, and then late, Peng Chao and other people are to be released from prison.

The latest notification from the Ministry of Public Security and the Cixi City Intermediate Court in Zhejiang Province differed greatly in the amount of crimes committed by Peng Chao and others. The Zhejiang version of the verdict, Peng Chao and others identified the total amount of money involved 947,400 yuan. Illegal profit.

244,000 yuan.

And the latest notification, they are involved in the amount of hundreds of millions, the middle difference of a hundred million, the sentence is afraid to be much heavier. But in addition to the development of the App of these famous students, Zhang big brother gang in the end how to deal with, endorsement of the star or not to refund the money, people did not say.

In the verdict, Naiwu was impressed by a detail, Peng Chao and other people illegally profited from this two hundred thousand, they used to pay the employees, bonuses, etc..

Hopefully they will still be a good boss when they get out.