Solve the problem when you are in trouble

  1. Silence

Sometimes you are misunderstood and you don’t want to argue, so you choose to be silent. It is not necessary for all people to understand you, so you do not need to explain to the world. Just be true to yourself.

  1. Calm

When you hit the bottom of your life, everyone around you tells you: be strong and be happy. Being strong is absolutely necessary, but being happy? In this case, I’m afraid it’s too hard for you. After all, who can be happy when you’ve fallen head over heels? But you can at least be calm.

Just look at the matter calmly and deal with the matter calmly.

  1. Bend over

Disagreement with others, or even cause a verbal conflict, go home and wipe the floor. Carry a rag, bend down, knees on the ground, wipe every corner of the floor in front of you back and forth clean. Sometimes you have to learn to bend over, because this action humbles you. While working your body, you stabilize your mind.

  1. Don’t think about what if at first

You say that life is a long road with an infinite number of intersections, always making choices. Choosing what to study, what to do, whether to get married or not, whether to have children or not, different choices make for a completely different life. You say again, if how how how, now will not be how how how …… such words or stop saying it. There is no real good or bad choice at every junction, as long as you look at life as your own unique creation, you will not often look back if you had made a different choice.

  1. The present moment

Strolling through the forest, you see a purple teng wrapped around the trunk of a tree and are moved by this scene of quiet beauty. You think, “I wonder what kind of storm will come in the future? Maybe the vine will break, the tree will fall, maybe the sky will be deserted, the earth will be old, you think again. Then, please freeze time in this moment, freeze in this moment of quiet beauty, at least once beautiful.

  1. Keep it simple

Because of too much thinking, so you often complicate your life. You are obviously living in the present, but you are always thinking about the past and worrying about the future. If you are living in the present, you are always thinking about the past and worrying about the future, but simply break your life down into steps and “set a small goal”.

  1. Occasionally “cheesy”

After eating a lot of healthy food, occasionally you want to nibble on duck tongue and salt-crusted chicken and spicy crawfish. Occasionally you actually do not want to make yourself live so meaningful at all times.

  1. Return to peace

There was a time when you were so depressed that you didn’t even bother to pull open the curtains and look out the window at the sun. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days. I don’t know how long it took, but finally, one day, you regained your beautiful mood and remembered your jasmine at the same time. Oh my, poor flower, is it still alive? You can’t help but see that she’s in great shape, and her fragrance is in the air. The actual fact is that in the past, although you forgot to feed her water, God has not forgotten to favor her with rain.