You are the one who is more gentle than porridge

“There is no more gentle than the porridge, Nian Yu lifelong displacement of red dust, you can not find a person like porridge gentle. “-Mu Xin. The train slowly moved away from the starting point, I sat in a corner and opened the book of poems by Mr. Mu Xin. Outside the window is the scene, the fields are barren, the mountains and rivers are one color; beside me are people, shoulder to shoulder, hurrying to and fro. Even the color of the sun does not bring clouds in the morning, and the evening sun does not stay in the evening before it abruptly leaves.

Somehow, when I read these words of Mr. Mu Xin, the loving warmth came into my mind without any shade. That is slowly trekking the road to school, a south, a north. For the southerners who had settled down and moved to the south, going north to study seemed to have reached the end of the sky and the sea.

Every time I went north, my mother would boil a pot of thick and soft white porridge in the morning, and serve it with salty and delicious dishes. The steaming white porridge is like a simple, bright little word, less meaningful, not superfluous, and not bland. A mild bowl of white porridge down, the discomfort of the early morning disappeared, and the travel between the north and the south seems to have a few less dusty meaning.

The porridge in the north is very different from my mother’s white porridge. Mother’s white porridge is gentle and subtle, the northern porridge is more fireworks, strong, passionate, that is the colorful life: eight porridge round and rich; millet porridge gentle small intention; pumpkin porridge Wu Nong soft language; milk barley like a girl in love, a touch of sweetness refreshing; lotus leaf porridge cool and unpleasant, with the hot northern dishes, just the right… …all the grains and cereals are going to come on the scene.

Such a porridge is lively, lively, but also delightful. However, the hustle and bustle is missing the thin base color. As the saying goes, “the teacher was born with a beautiful, fragrant in my love”, in a crowd of flowers, the white porridge does not show, the days are long, but more and more people think about day and night. The soul is haunted by dreams.

Congee is so, life is so. Mr. Mu Xin once wrote: “Life is a cold and clear wind and fire. Everyone is running around in life, has long been familiar with its thousands of changes in the model. Any life how to apply powder, or heavy makeup, will eventually unveil all its external pretensions after time, returned to the thin tranquility of white porridge. After all, no one can live life as a fairy tale.

This is the way life is, and people are also like this. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

I remembered Mr. Mu Xin’s poem, the vermilion red which is younger than the big red, the dark and pedestrian-free long street, and the once upon a time when there was only enough love for one person in a lifetime.

Close the poetry book.

The car stopped and arrived at the station.