CNN Touts China Vaccination Rates, Criticized as “China News Network”

CNN has been criticized as the “China News Network” for copying official Communist Party figures and boasting that China has reached one billion COVID-19 vaccinations.

Citing data from the Communist Party’s National Health Commission, CNN said on June 18 that “within days, China will reach a staggering 1 billion doses in its COVID-19 vaccination campaign – a scale and pace unmatched by any other country in the world. …… is three times the amount injected in the U.S. and accounts for nearly 40 percent of the 2.5 billion doses injected worldwide.”

CNN also touted the CCP’s “success in containing the coronavirus,” adding that “China has a powerful tool in its arsenal: a top-down, one-party system with broad reach, strong action and a large bureaucracy that can mobilize quickly.” CNN, however, did not provide any data on the efficacy of China’s self-developed vaccine.

Several U.S. experts and news sources have slammed CNN for giving the Chinese Communist Party the boot.

“‘China News Network’ (alluding to CNN) is playing propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party.” NewsBusters news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro said.

“Given that the data comes from China’s National Health Commission, I totally believe it. I really believe it.” T. Becket Adams, a current affairs commentator for the Washington Examiner, wrote sarcastically.

Jeffrey Blehar, a reporter for the National Review, tweeted back at Communist propaganda, saying, “One, their vaccines don’t work; two, their numbers are about as trustworthy as (actor) Tom Cruise’s self-assessment of his height. “

Omri Ceren, national security adviser to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), questioned CNN about “making news out of the Communist Party’s talking points.

Grant Addison, deputy editor of the Washington Examiner, said, “It’s no different than propaganda. In fact, even the Chinese Communist Party itself admits that there are huge efficacy problems with their vaccines. But CNN is happy to whitewash that fact for them.”