Huang Wangyou

Huang Qi

Huang Qi was one of Shu’s lieutenants who assisted the commander in chief. He was good at Taoism and had been accumulating virtue for years.

Once, he met an old man on Chaotian Ridge. The old man had snow-white hair, but his color was as bright and red as a child’s, and his skin was like jade. He said to Huang Qi, “Since you are good, in five years, you will have a great disaster, and I will save you then. Be good and virtuous at all times, and never give up your ambition.”

Later, Huang Qi passed through the Wu Gorge along the river, the boat was overturned by the river, people fell into the water, washed by the water to the rocky shore, as if someone to save, very smoothly to the shore. Huang Qi went ashore to see, save their own shore is the last time to meet the old man. In the blink of an eye, the old man disappeared in the same place.

Since then, Huang Qi often see him. One day, the two met by chance in Shifang County, the old man greeted Huang Qi to his residence. Out of the north gate to the outskirts, through a forest of alders, walked about two or three miles will reach the old man’s home. I saw the mountains, rivers and trees here, the situation is interesting and beautiful. The old man stayed with him overnight, after dawn to send him out, just out of the old man’s home, but has stood in the county after the mountains, more than seventy miles away from the county.

After Huang Qi went home, he told people what he had seen and heard.

(out of the “record of the strange”)

Huang wanyou

Huang wanyou in Qiannan unpopulated place monastic, after several generations, he has been in that place. He comes out once every twenty or thirty years and goes to Chengdu to sell medicine. When he talked about other people’s calamities, there was never a time when he did not fulfill them.

Wang Jian, the founder of Shu in the first five dynasties, welcomed him into his palace and served him with all the courtesies. When he was asked what kind of medicine he was taking for longevity, he kept it a secret and said, “I am not a god, nor am I taking any medicine. It is just a matter of cultivating my qi with a modest heart, correcting my behavior, and doing less wrong.” Asked how old he was, he said, “I only remember when the Marquis of Yelang was king of Shu, the Silkworm clan to PI as the capital of those years, from time to time to be invited out. Since then, the sun and the moon, flowers and wood fall, in the end, I can not remember how many years have passed.”

One day, he looked south at Jiazhou and said, “The fire in Gandhara is burning fiercely, please send someone to put it out!” Just as he said, when the messenger arrived at Jiazhou, the market had been reduced to rubble. Later he resolutely said goodbye and returned to the mountain. Wang Jian could not stay even though he cried and asked him about the future, but he would not say anything. After he left, he found the following lines inscribed on the wall of his residence: “Do not cross the green pig’s foot, it is too hot to pounce. The beast of prey does not want to have two yellow heads, yellow is its year the world cries.” Even the wise man could not understand the meaning.

In the year of Yihai, Shu raised an army to invade the east and captured every state of Qin and Feng. When the victory was celebrated, the palace caught fire and all the treasures and money were turned into ashes. It was then realized that the year of the Taiyang Yihai was the year of the Green Pig, the date of the fire. After three years, the year in wu c earth, Wang Jian died. This is how to know that c is the beast of prey, stem and nayin are earth, earth is yellow, so that the beast of prey is said to have two yellow heads. Huang Wanyou’s prophecy is not far from what happened later.

(From the Record of Differences)