White House reporters look silly! Biden’s 3 times “whispering hard into the microphone” image has gone viral

The president of the United States Biden in the White House press conference on Thursday, the foreign media filmed him leaning over and “whispering hard into the microphone” during the policy, this sudden move made the journalists on the scene all look dumb, the film was exposed also triggered the netizens crazy.

The Bloomberg filmed Biden leaning over and “whispering hard into the microphone” as he talked about his policies. According to the CNN footage, Biden was mentioning the U.S. government’s relief measures for the people, and he suddenly lowered himself to the microphone and said in a breathy voice, “So far, I’ve provided them with 1.9 trillion dollars of bailout money, and they will receive checks in the mail” in the hope of subsidizing the people’s childcare budget.

Later, when CNN correspondent Phil Mattingly asked Biden how he had contributed to the policy, Biden returned to his normal voice and said he always thought the outlook for the United States was good, but when Biden mentioned that a senator had voiced his opinion on environmental issues, he leaned over to the microphone a second time and whispered into the microphone, “I have prepared a bill on the environment, and I How could I not be in favor of it?”

Biden then talked about how some workers don’t want to go back to work to get paid, but want to receive higher unemployment benefits for the epidemic, and he leaned over for a third time and whispered into the microphone, “‘Pay them more! Now this is a bargaining chip for the laborers”; Biden’s action made the journalists present look dumb, and also triggered strong criticism from the Republicans, and the film was wildly circulated by the netizens on Twitter.