Beware of playing free games! Mining virus Crackonosh invades 220,000 users worldwide

Internet criminals are looking at the soaring value of cryptocurrency and are taking advantage of video game players, offering free downloads of video games on the Internet to attract players to download them, but there is a malicious software called Crackonosh hidden in them, which hackers can use to use the computing power of players’ computers to put into “mining”.

(5), “Grand Theft Auto V” (Grand Theft Auto V), “NBA 2K19”, “Jurassic World: Evolution” ( The free versions of video games such as Jurassic World Evolution have been found to harbor this malicious software, and it is spreading rapidly, with about 220,000 users in more than 12 countries already victimized.

These free video game software can usually be downloaded in the peer-to-peer transfer seed (torrent) site, once the player installed, Crackonosh will first stop the computer’s Windows system update function, remove all anti-virus software self-protection, and then in the background to perform “mining”. According to Avast’s research report, since June 2018, the value of the cryptocurrency “Monero” generated by Crackonosh has exceeded $2 million (nearly 55 million Taiwan dollars).

Avast researcher Daniel Benes said victimized users may find that their computers slow down “because [the malicious software] uses all the resources of the computer, so the computer becomes unresponsive,” and that components break down due to overuse, and electricity bills are higher than usual.

The company concluded from Crackonosh’s name that the person who wrote the malicious software was Czech, as the word means “mountain spirit” in Czech folklore. The company said that “Crackonosh shows that it manages to get free video game software that you may not get what you originally expected”, “We can see from this that it is very profitable for the author of the malicious software. “