What to eat when you’re alone

I certainly understand the truth that there is love and water is full, full of ambition and naturally eat anything that smells good, ah, if you are not happy, it seems that it is not to say that I will give you the following to eat it.

Many times, we all have to eat alone. It is really important to choose the food, if the disappointment also ate the wrong thing, it is simply snow on top of sunny days to be more miserable.

The lonely morning after a breakup, it is suitable to buy a doughnut hung with frosting, and a cup of hot black coffee, bite into the sweet heart of the doughnut, soft and satisfied. And then a sip of bitter black coffee, slowly swallowed, it seems not so bitter. The tears in your heart seem to be slowly flowing elsewhere with these bitter-sweet eats. I was able to stand up and go to work again with a tiger’s wind.
The ‘I’m going to go to work.
The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. The TV is on and the talent show is on. What are you waiting for, fire into the kitchen, open the stove and boil water, cut a few slices of cucumber a tomato, tear a few leaves of green vegetables, and then beat an egg, cook a bowl of gorgeous instant noodles. Watch the TV, cross your feet and suck the noodles, then drink the soup without a drop. Wipe your mouth, do a set of sit-ups and fifty squats, and finally, take a hot shower and wake up to a sunny day.

Once in a while, I have to take a train to a faraway place alone, take out my bento box, take out two slices of bread, some lettuce, and the bacon and eggs I fried before leaving home, and make a sandwich under everyone’s envious eyes. While reading my favorite novel, I ate leisurely, preferably with a Coke, and felt that the car ride was not that difficult.

Once I had a bad experience, I just arrived in a foreign country and didn’t know what to do. When I went home at night, I passed by the food market and saw fresh fish heads for sale. So I bought a big fish head and a piece of tofu and took the rice cooker I had just bought and simmered it together. The creamy white soup made a lovely gurgling sound that was more healing than any music. Before serving, sprinkle a handful of chopped green onions, sit down and slowly drink the soup and eat the fish, the tofu absorbed the essence of the fish head, each bite in the mouth a moving scream of joy. No one listens to me, so I talk to the food.

Late at night, I feel a sense of loneliness and insomnia to the point where I want to die immediately, I get up and rush to the convenience store to buy a tea egg and a bottle of peach more. Delicately peel the shell, so that a whole egg trembling in the hand, and then carefully eat a small bite, and finally drink a large mouthful of peach more, satisfied with a silent walk back, before entering the door, look up, the moon is quite round.

Eaten, it is not alone.

PS. I saw a recommendation that food will never reject a lonely person. That’s awesome.