MUAT explodes in scandal, urgently deletes information on Chinese military and international experts

The Wuhan Institute for Virus Research (WIV), the focus of the epidemic, is in the midst of another scandal, according to a recent investigation that found that the organization’s oversight board included an expert advisor from the Chinese Communist Party’s military, as well as a number of international scientists who were “completely unaware.

The Times reported June 22 that Italian author Fabrizio Gatti, author of “Infinite Error: The Secret Story of a Plague That Should Have Been Avoided,” said that after he contacted several members of the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research’s oversight committee, the agency removed all names online.

Gatti said the institute’s committee includes at least two Chinese Communist Party military scientists, one Wang Hongyang of the Second Military Medical University, who is serving as deputy director of Wuhan’s academic committee from 2019 to 2020, and Wang Fusheng of the Communist Party’s 302nd Military Hospital.

Gatti also emailed a total of 14 international scientists on the institute’s two oversight committees, asking them two questions, one about whether they were consulted by the Wuhan Virus Institute at the beginning of the outbreak of the CCP virus (COVID-19, a new coronavirus), and the second about when they last visited the Wuhan Virus Laboratory.

Only six people responded to the email, five of whom said they had no idea they were members of the so-called “oversight committee” and hadn’t visited the Wuhan Institute since 2012 or 2013.

Gatti said his first step, based on his previous experience investigating air crashes, was to download as many relevant documents as possible, and that “the documents published in my book were the evidence the U.S. government was looking for, and now they’ve all been deleted.” He said.

“These documents are an important starting point for an international investigation, and because the Chinese (Communist Party of China) military was involved in this huge disaster, the Chinese (Communist Party of China) will delete the documents.” Gatti said.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview in May that the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research not only conducted general experimental research, but also engaged in military activities.

“I can say with certainty: we know that they are engaged in work related to the Chinese Communist Party military in their labs, and that they are conducting both military activities and so-called civilian research.” Pompeo said, “They have refused to disclose the content of the experiments, refused to describe the nature of any of the research, and also turned away the World Health Organization (WHO) who tried to get inside to investigate.”

President Joe Biden has ordered intelligence units to investigate the origin of the outbreak and report to him within 90 days whether the Communist virus originated in animals or was the result of accidental laboratory outflow.