A few tips for students who will be volunteering

It’s going to be time for volunteering in a little while, right?

Based on the past 10 years of counseling, letters from listeners, and stories, I have a few suggestions for students who will be volunteering.

  1. if you know what you want to do, try to follow your own feelings, even if your family is against it.

This has nothing to do with the prospect of a major, but the problem of internal drive. If you choose a major that you like, you will pay 1% more every day for the next 4 years, and if you don’t like it, you will pay 1% less every day, and we all know that the 365th power of 0.99 and 1.01 is 0.02 and 37.78 respectively. although this calculation is a bit chicken soup, but never underestimate the cumulative effect of a little difference in interest. In a seemingly promising industry to do very painful, very unmotivated, compared to in an industry without much prospect to do very happy input, in the case of having to choose, I have not seen too willing to choose the former.

Besides, if a profession has no prospects, your parents’ judgment is probably inaccurate, their sources of information may be very limited, and no one can predict what the world will look like 10 or even 5 years later in this day and age. In the face of great uncertainty, your best bet is your own internal preferences, a part that usually does not change particularly dramatically.

  1. In the event that you don’t know what you want to major in, try to avoid leaving the decision entirely up to your parents.

Although your parents have made many right choices for you in your past life and you respect their judgment, or you care about their opinion, whatever it is, I recommend that you do not completely outsource the college major selection process to them again. You can refer to their advice, but you should definitely take the time to learn something about your target major yourself, even if you still make the same choice afterwards, the process of doing your own research is very necessary. If you have people in the field, talk to them or even visit their jobs. Go to the library or bookstore to read books on the profession. In short, don’t make judgments based on pure imagination without outside information input.

This is because it is the choice you have been involved in that allows you to own it. What is ownership? It’s the fact that the decision was mine to make, and it’s my fault if I do it right, and my fault if I do it wrong, but I can take responsibility for it anyway. There is no way to ensure that your choice is always the right one, but a wrong decision that you did not participate in, compared with a wrong decision that you did participate in, the latter must be easier to bear, because you can at least learn a little experience from it and understand yourself a little more, while the former will only lead you to infinite resentment against your parents.

  1. It is not right or wrong to talk about the choice of a major except whether it is in line with your own preferences.

A subject that can become a major in a university must have its own application value. Sometimes it is the economic value, sometimes it is the social value, and sometimes it is the ideological value. Even if you are not engaged in the work of the profession, the profession you study will contain a specific way of looking at the problem, the analysis of the problem of ideas, and these ideas, if used flexibly, can be applied in different aspects.

The undergraduate degree is only a foundation of knowledge, and it is enough for you to establish a framework of knowledge on a subject, you do not need to expect yourself to become an expert. The seeds of independent thinking, cognitive enhancement, scientific spirit and systematic thinking that you want can all be planted at this stage.

If you really want to change your major, you can do so when you get to graduate school.

  1. Unless there are specific requirements for a particular major, or you specifically want to do research and teaching, I don’t recommend finishing only the undergraduate degree in most majors, but I don’t recommend going to the PhD either. The undergraduate degree is too devalued and lack of competitiveness, and the cost effectiveness of a PhD is too low, so if you want to consider the next step when filling out the volunteer, you can consider the question of what to read for a master’s degree.

No matter what you study, I strongly recommend that you take a course in statistics and scientific research methodology, which is too helpful for developing critical and scientific thinking. The world will have more and more spam in the future, and you need to use this knowledge to protect your information intake.

  1. don’t worry too much about choosing the wrong major. 5 years after graduation, 10 years after graduation, looking back, it really doesn’t have that much impact. It’s not a life-defining choice, and there is hardly any single choice that can define your life. Life is defined by every single choice you make together. So the point is not to make the right choice, but to be able to stay within yourself to be curious, to think, to explore, to communicate and to create.

Good luck to the students!

@NingshiXiaoxia: How to fill out the volunteer application?

First of all the big book of the previous year’s enrollment should definitely be bought. Each high school should be mandatory to buy. Yes, it must be bought. You can see how much the difference between each major than the key line score for each school in the past year, which is an important reference.

What is the enrollment plan of each college this year, must know! Don’t you sign up for a school and major in your province or city enrollment is very small. If the slightly popular point of professional, then you are and all registered competition. You then do not obey the transfer ……

When filling out the volunteer remember a general principle, fill in the front of the volunteer must not fill in the back of the volunteer score lower than. For example, you can go to Tsinghua computer score, the result of the early batch of registration of a foreign small language. It’s not that people are not good at a foreign language, it’s that you’re a batch of Tsinghua is white to fill in. The first thing you need to do is to get a computer from Tsinghua, but you will be admitted to a foreign language in advance. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The admission score of the volunteering school should be getting lower and lower.

When we still have a voluntary level difference and professional level difference, now I do not know if there is still. But I vaguely feel that if you say no, there will still be.

When I was in the university’s recruiting office, there was already online counseling. So who do you consult? You can consult with whichever school you want to go to. All universities have open campus days, and I don’t know if there are any under the epidemic. If you can go to the site consultation teachers must go. Not many people came to consult at our school, which was so hot back then. We have enough time to tell each parent how to volunteer.

You can call and ask for advice if you can’t go to the site. The teachers are generally very patient.

And now the network consultation is certainly better, I guess there may be live consultation.

Outsiders can no longer understand than your preferred school our teachers understand.

I personally do not recommend believing in any university rankings. We will be divided into ministry colleges and universities, municipal key, city ordinary, private. In principle, the school is good or bad is also generally this sort.

Some schools have a batch and two batches of enrollment, in fact, may not be the second batch of professional as bad as the school’s batch of professional, some of the second batch of professional scores burst high. Often it is these schools that pick up the treasures of the Qing Bei people division fallen students. Some colleges and universities will also have a number of a batch of professional focus on taking care of Qingbei fallen high score students. The key is all you score to be high.

These things so-called experts may not understand clearly, so be sure to consult the teacher of the school.

In view of the current rate of professional matching, I have always felt that a good school is generally more important than a good profession. I don’t know if there’s still a transfer of obedience, I think there is. You should be sure to submit to a major transfer to the school you are applying to. But try not to submit to the same batch of school transfer, or you may not know where to go to school.

The other thing you want to do is to add. I personally worked in the recruitment office of the first economic and trade for two years, in the admissions office responsible for volunteer advice.

The time passed 16, 17 years, there must be a lot of changes, but certainly many big principles will not change.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.