The Communist Party’s Embarrassing Centennial Gift

The U.S. media and the Chinese Communist Party are split on whether Dong Jingwei, the vice minister of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security and top counterintelligence official, defected to the United States. The hot button on the U.S. side is a detailed report in the U.S. media on how Dong Jingwei got to the U.S. and that the defection was from the Defense Department’s Intelligence Agency, not the FBI or other intelligence agencies that are commonly thought to have been highly infiltrated by the CCP.

It sounds like this is at least a veteran of the U.S.-China intelligence relationship. As for the information this person has broken, from the Wuhan virus lab leak, to the large number of communist spies in both U.S. intelligence units and Chinese students, etc., it is all very useful to the U.S. and extremely detrimental to the CCP. Let’s not say whether this is true or not, but from the sudden shift of the US government and scientific community from the virus leak being a conspiracy theory to becoming a hot topic of discussion two months ago, it is clear that there must be some kind of key evidence in between that the US has.

The Chinese Communist Party, of course, has denied Dong Jingwei’s defection. On June 18, the CPC Central Committee’s public WeChat number “Chang’an Jian” took the initiative to announce that Dong Jingwei had hosted a counterintelligence symposium, stating that “the Ministry of State Security pointed out that it is necessary to catch not only spies, but also ‘traitors ‘ and ‘behind-the-scenes gold masters’.” Dong Jingwei is usually very low-key and rarely appears in front of the public because he is a high-ranking official of the intelligence agency, how now suddenly high-profile explosion he hosted a counter-espionage symposium? The absence of photos or videos also raises suspicions.

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s technology, it is not difficult to create a fake video or fake photos or fake voice of no one turning into someone. Perhaps the Chinese Communist Party is deliberately “holding a lute and covering up” because it is afraid that the U.S. will be forced to shake out a real person in the world in advance, so that the Chinese Communist Party will be more embarrassed; or maybe it is negotiating with the U.S. to keep a hand for itself.

The Chinese Communist Party has also made a move to cover up, that is, Xi Jinping recently in Qinghai asked members of the Chinese Communist Party not to forget the “oath of loyalty to the Party, never rebel against the Party” made when joining the Party, to “follow the Party with an iron heart, nine deaths and no regrets”, led a group of “On June 19, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published a headline article, mentioning again the history of the early leader of the Chinese Communist Party, the former head of the Special Branch, Gu Shunzhang, who surrendered to Chiang Kai-shek. The article emphasizes “never betray the party” four times. This is really interesting, why suddenly so interested in traitors, not to celebrate the “party’s centennial celebration” with great fanfare? Is the traitor become the theme of the centennial celebration?

Dong Jingwei defected from the United States, in fact, it is easy to clarify, that is, he himself came out to confess something, not only to prove that he did not run away, but also to face the United States, but also to make a pavement for his further promotion, why not do so?

When the Chinese Communist Party says this is a rumor, that is a rumor, in fact, it is likely not a rumor. I remember last year Dr. Yan Limeng fled to the United States, the Chinese Communist Party is also vigorously debunking rumors; later the real person publicly, the Chinese Communist Party and strongly belittle her, saying that she is a temporary worker nobody and so on, simply do not have access to virus secrets. Dr. Yan Limeng fled the United States after writing many papers to expose the Chinese Communist Party to create the new crown virus, the Chinese Communist Party and the West, many scientists and powerful people with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, her claims are completely denied, not to be published in authoritative professional journals, and even in social media are banned.

Dr. Yan Limeng, after all, is an ivory tower of scientists, facing the West overwhelming red experts and red-top power elites, unexpected and powerless. The FBI did a six-hour talk with her after the yellow crane, and so far refused to account to members of Congress on the progress or results of the investigation. But Dong Jingwei is another story altogether, a senior counterintelligence official who knows his enemy and runs straight to the not-yet-red-hued Defense Department Intelligence Agency. This time the Chinese Communist Party is likely to be dumbfounded. If this thing is true, it would be the most embarrassing gift for the CCP’s centennial celebration.