The taste varies from time to time

It is good to eat bamboo shoots in spring, melons and fruits in summer, crabs with yellow wine in autumn are the best, and cabbage in winter is the sweetest. The seasons change, and with them the taste of food also changes. For example, Mandarin fish must be eaten in spring when peach blossoms are in full bloom to be fat enough.

In spring, when you pick the tender bamboo shoots, peel off the outside of the shoots to reveal the tender tips of the shoots that have been pinched, they have a special fragrance, somewhat like the taste of young bamboo leaves, and somewhat like the fresh air of the rain that has just fallen in the bamboo forest. After cutting a large number of bamboo shoots and peeling the skin, there was only a small batch, lying there delicately, as if a young girl waiting for her first time, raw and tempting. Cut the bamboo shoots into small sections, beat a few local eggs, a heavy oil fire a violent frying, throw a few garlic a few pieces of red pepper, Yihong fast green served, plus the eggs fresh golden, just look, are going to drool.

To be hot summer, a trip to the melon garden, just like Liu Lou Lou into the garden, how to see are beautiful. The loofah is green, the tomatoes are red, the watermelon is white, the pumpkin is cut in half, and the richness is like the beauty of the Tang Dynasty. Every summer, boil a pot of green bean porridge on ice, wait for the sun to set, do not panic to choose a handful of bean curd, boiled in white water, ginger garlic sesame sauce a mix, or with small yellow flowers of cucumber patted into pieces, spicy oil and vinegar drizzled on, how to eat are fresh and sweet. When you come back from a walk after dinner, you can eat a big, dripping tomato, and the heat will be delicious.

If you don’t eat crab in autumn, you seem to lose your mind, as if you have left something important unfinished. I went to the market in the morning and bought two hairy crabs, washed them and steamed them on a cage drawer, and then a dish of balsamic vinegar and a pot of yellow wine, and sat on the terrace slowly for two hours. The only way to slow down is to eat hairy crabs, remove the shells, suck the yolk, tear the meat, knock the feet, and finally, not forgetting to suck the fingers and take a small sip of wine, which immediately makes you feel like a celebrity. When the crab is finished, the wine is also a little bit up, so go play a nap and dream about the wine and sing about life.

The winter people and animals in general, always lazy, only to eat a bite of hot food, only to feel and can wake up leisurely. The winter cabbage is magically different, the sweetness, is not any kind of vegetables on a regular basis, and fresh and sweet, but also a little fatty taste, wonderful. And in the winter lamb is also fat, fine meat in the folder flower, eaten with the pleasure of chewing fat and muscle at the same time. Mutton chopped into large pieces, put into a casserole grunt an afternoon, and then invite three or two friends in the evening, cabbage thrown in to cook soft, hot on the table, we drink and eat meat product cabbage, even if the outside of the snow and ice, is not afraid.

This is not always delicious, most of the time, we will be at home to do a easy to get chili fried meat, eat a bowl of white rice, look at the four seasons will be accompanied by people, sigh a priceless treasure easy to find, hard to get a lover.