Those friends who need to be cherished

A long time ago I saw a clip discussing friends, saying who are real friends. There are so many of them, you can call directly in the middle of the night, you can talk straight without the need to go through the brain, and you can still borrow money when you encounter real difficulties and are not sure if you can return.

In fact, the above three, as long as any of them are met, are the friends we need to cherish in particular. Today and we talk about the three types of friends we should cherish most, which is the most important wealth of our life.

One category is friends who can share life. The reason why classmates or comrades are the biggest source of our good friends is because they once shared the most important years of each other’s youth, the pure beauty of that memory will always be in our memory, and with the years treasured and our friendship. The greatest emotional support of our friends are those who can share life and guard each other’s growth, maybe on different sides of the world, maybe in different situations, but as long as they are together they can share their feelings, insights, difficulties and growth with each other without fear, which is the rarest friend in life, also known as a soulmate. Some people say it is enough to have a confidant, so if we meet, we must cherish like a treasure, this is the fate of each other, but also the gift of God to us.

One type of friend is a friend who can guard each other’s dreams. Life is shining because of dreams. And behind one dream after another, we are often not alone in the battle. We need supporters, encouragers, teachers and mentors. A dream-keeper is a friend who will support you unconditionally when you need it and provide you with the help you need. And you will both cheer each other on. Dream companions, dream partners, are the cornerstone of our life values, or very often they are the most important people in our life dream gas station.

A class of friends who can jointly pursue hobbies. Hobbies make our life more interesting. You may be a fan, you need to have ball friends; you love to read, there will be book friends; you good music, there will be music friends. Different hobbies, different intersection of friends, so that our life is more colorful, wonderful and interesting. These friends are good and indispensable partners for us, whether they overlap with the first two categories or not.
There are three kinds of friends: sharing life, guarding dreams, and seeking fun together. We can’t live without these friends!