Indian prodigy hits the mark again; Delta mutant strain rampant, Israeli PM warns of outbreak

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday (22) that the Indian variant of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19), Delta virus, continues to spread in the region, and does not rule out the resurgence of the epidemic in Israel. The “Indian prodigy” Abhigya Anand predicted a few days ago that the epidemic would worsen in Israel after June 20, but I didn’t expect it to come true!

According to the Times of Israel, Israel’s vaccinations have been successful and the epidemic has been well controlled, but recently, because of the continued spread of the Delta virus in India, Bennett bluntly said that even vaccinated people have the opportunity to be infected, and can even be seen as a new outbreak of the epidemic in Israel.

The Israeli health department pointed out that there were 110 new confirmed cases in the country on the 22nd, including 64 children and adolescents. Nachman Ash, the head of the epidemic prevention team in Israel, who announced only a few days ago that masks could be worn indoors, said he would not reinstate the rule that masks must be worn indoors.

It is worth noting that the “Indian prodigy” Anand predicted on the 3rd of this month that “something big” would happen in the UK and Israel after the 20th, and British Prime Minister Johnson said on the 15th that cases of infection with the Indian Delta virus were on the rise, and that the scheduled lifting of the seal on the 21st was postponed to July 19. The Israeli authorities are now warning of another outbreak of the disease in the country, and Anand’s prediction is seen as a true fulfillment.