Hong Kong Apple last report! Hong Kong people lined up in long lines to compete to receive the proudly held aloft, choked up to thank

The last issue of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily came out early this morning (24), and many Hong Kong people lined up outside the Apple Daily building to get the paper, proudly holding it up, while others couldn’t help but choke on their sorrows and thank the Apple Daily staff.

According to the “Stand News” report, in the early morning of the 24th, the first batch of the last issue of “Apple Daily” was just printed, and a large number of people were already waiting in line outside the Apple Daily building, and lit up their cell phones. During this period, some Apple Daily reporters also went outside the building to take a group photo. People who got the newspaper could not hide their excitement and held it high for other media reporters to take pictures.

Apple Hong Kong employees personally took the newspapers and gave them to the people outside the building for free. During this period, some Hong Kong people choked up and shouted: “Thank you (you) so much!”