The U.S. is separating China and Russia, and the Chinese Communist Party knows its own suffering

The general trend of the world, and a long time will be war, war will be a long time and peace.

The so-called peace is just a respite between two wars, the so-called war, but the total liquidation between two peace.

The world today faces a new threat of war. Biden defined the U.S.-China relationship as a competition, with competition in ideology, geopolitics, international organizations, economy and technology. Competition to the end is confrontation, confrontation escalation is hostile, hostile relations out of control, war is the last resort to solve.

There may be a war between the United States and China, which is a pessimistic expectation. The United States has brought together the seven major industrial countries, the European Union and other democratic powers, and its power is so great that it is incomparable; the Chinese Communist Party had hoped that China and Russia would join forces, but if Russia ditches, the Chinese Communist Party will be alone.

Putin’s fattening up of the Chinese Communist Party is not very beneficial

The United States and China will win or lose depending on Russia’s attitude, and Russia’s attitude depends on one person, Putin. Biden met with the European Union and NATO, but also find time to meet Putin, if not for the mutual needs of the United States and Russia, why so many courtesies?

The U.S. Secretary of Defense once said: the United States can not deal with two wars at the same time. Earlier the Russian army near the Russian-Ukrainian border, suddenly withdrew of their own accord, Putin is to throw the United States of America’s good, to avoid the danger of the United States of America’s back. Biden put down his mind, more or less change his view of Putin, if Putin does not withdraw his troops, there is still a chance to shake hands with Biden?

The United States, China and Russia to play the Three Kingdoms, now the pivotal, neither Biden, nor Xi Jinping, but Putin. Putin is not an easy man, he knows how to take the situation and knows how to move forward and backward.

The Chinese Communist Party wants to take advantage of Russia’s old grudge against the EU and NATO to embolden Russia, which will have to rely on the military power of the Chinese Communist Party to compete with the US and Europe once Russia breaks with the US. But from Russia’s standpoint, what good would it do to Russia if it won the war against NATO, even if it lent the Chinese Communist Party a hand? At that time, NATO and Russia will both lose, and the Communist Party of China will be the only one that is dominant. Russia will have a powerful neighbor on its side, and will have to look at the face of the Communist Party of China forever.

Putin is a smart guy, would he do such a brainless thing? The most advantageous for Russia is to watch the fire from across the river in the process of confrontation between the United States and China, and let your two families to make a seven-color. Once the U.S. and China go to war, protracted, national consumption, until both sides can not fight, Russia to step in to clean up the mess; or the U.S. and China to win and lose, Russia can still save strength, is not saving and gaining advantage?

For the United States, to pull Russia to the side of NATO is simply impossible, no wonder the U.S. and Russia before the summit, both sides said not too hopeful. But the United States only need to achieve a purpose is enough, is to divide the relationship between China and Russia, to fight Putin in the U.S.-China conflict to maintain neutrality, only as a wall, not as the Chinese Communist Party’s flank, that will be enough.

Russia’s threat to European countries is mainly geopolitical, and the U.S. and Europe still have many means to deal with Russia, at least Russia does not have the same ideological expansionist ambitions as the Chinese Communist Party. Russia is a “fake” democracy that has long abandoned socialism and planned economy, and Vladimir Putin is still considered a democratically elected president, but he enjoys dictatorial treatment as president.

The United States to take advantage of the siege China sooner or later can not eat

On the contrary, the Chinese Communist Party is ideologically communist, institutionally authoritarian and dictatorial, culturally vain in the sense that all nations come to China, and culturally ambitious to dominate the world. Russia and China are both threats to Western democracies, but not of the same nature and magnitude, and Russia’s power is not comparable to that of the Communist Party. It would be most cost effective for the United States to “hang” Russia and focus on the CCP.

Biden’s statement that Russia is being “squeezed” by the Chinese Communist Party proves that the Communist Party was discussed at the summit between the two countries, and that only they know what agreements and deals were reached between the U.S. and Russia. The U.S. and Russia have decided that both ambassadors will return to their posts, and will discuss the “strategic balance” (four words can be circled), the talks have been fruitful, and we will see what happens next.

Putin knows how to do, happy to send a favor, and the Chinese Communist Party to distance, and then sit back and watch the tiger fight, can enter or exit. Russia is neutral, Biden assured to do his thing, Xi Jinping dry anxious, the United States, China and Russia, the three countries play these tricks.

Biden has already won a large part of the fight for Putin’s neutrality, after which the Western powers are united to coerce the Chinese Communist Party to comply with international rules, and economic and technological siege, sooner or later, the Chinese Communist Party will not be able to eat. In the end, in addition to bowing down, there is only a desperate battle.

Biden has already taken care of Europe, and if he can divide Russia again, it will be a worthy trip to Europe to avoid the big trouble.