The CEO of Meituan, Wang Xing, was interviewed because of Xi Jinping’s suspicion?

Wang Xing, the chief executive of Meituan Group, who has been accused of mocking Xi Jinping through a poem, was recently summoned by Chinese authorities and warned to keep a low profile, which some analysts say puts a hanging sword on his back.

Wang Xing, who is the president of Meituan, China’s leading lifestyle services e-commerce platform, was interviewed for an unknown reason. But what is certain is that it is related to his posting of a Tang poem.

In the middle of May, Wang Xing posted a Tang poem on the platform he founded, “The empire is in vain, and the Guan River is empty and locked in the residence of the ancestors. The ashes of the pit are not yet cold Shandong chaos, Liu Xiang original not study.” The poem’s main idea is to satirize the Qin Shi Huang for burning books and burying Confucian scholars too absurdly, in an attempt to perpetuate the Qin dynasty, which was destroyed by the illiterate Liu Bang and Xiang Yu.

Wang Xing’s motive for posting the poem is unclear, improvisation? The poem is not clear. To express the heart block? Some netizens said it was a satire of Xi Jinping, insinuating that Xi does not read and even hates culture, which is not “moving the earth on the head of a taiyoung man”; others interpreted it as an insinuation of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s series of actions to combat technological monopoly, and compared “Wang Xing’s poem” with “Ma Yun’s speech”. “The other people interpreted it as an allusion to the series of actions taken by Chinese President Xi Jinping to combat technology monopoly. Anyway, things got a little serious.

Wang Xing hurriedly withdrew the post, he said, because people had given a wrong interpretation. His explanation: the poem was a reflection on the competitive thinking of Meituan business. But it has caused consequences, for two consecutive days, Meituan shares plunged in a rare way, with market value evaporating 30 billion yuan. Driven by the decline in Meituan shares, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong and other network giants have also declined.

Bloomberg reported on June 18, citing people familiar with the matter, that Chinese officials recently summoned Wang Xing to a meeting to avoid making dramatic moves. Wang Xing posted “anti-poetry” and authorities told him to keep a low profile. Bloomberg’s analysis suggests that the Chinese Communist Party is preparing for the party’s 100th anniversary to create a harmonious atmosphere and does not want to leave the impression that anyone who makes a small mistake will suffer serious consequences.

But some analysts think this judgment is far-fetched, as Beijing has always been “catching people from above for the big celebration,” and the more festive it is, the more anxious it is. Perhaps Wang Xing’s case is not as serious in Beijing’s eyes as Ma Yun’s, who has a great influence both at home and abroad and has an invisible force, and who has to run the most taboo education in the Communist Party, while Wang Xing just copied a small poem.

But some netizens commented that Xi Jinping is suspicious, the sentence “Liu Xiang never reads” will make him uncomfortable, but Xi Jinping does not necessarily know that much, Wang Xing posted the poem, Wang Huning should know, so hurry to order an interview, warning ……

Bloomberg reports that Chinese regulatory authorities have launched an anti-monopoly investigation into Meituan.

In addition to the personalization factor, the matter of Meituan, the general background and Chinese private enterprises by the Beijing authorities in the name of anti-monopoly rectification, the first to be interviewed is Alibaba and the founder of Ant Financial Services from which Ma Yun, Ant Financial Services listing was urgently called off, Alibaba was fined a huge amount of money, Ma Yun from the public eye almost disappeared.

On the one hand, Ma’s sudden bad luck is due to the fact that private enterprises are sitting on the big, making the official scare, on the other hand, Ma speaks casually and likes to express his opinions, especially in last October’s Shanghai Financial Forum, criticizing the Chinese management’s small pawnshop ideology, and speaking in front of him, senior Chinese Communist Party official Wang Qishan emphasized the prevention of financial risks, while Ma said: China is not a financial systemic risk, because China basically has no system, China is lack of financial systemic risk. In the financial sector, we are young teenagers, there is not yet a mature ecosystem that is fully mobile.

The Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying that Ma’s speech infuriated Xi Jinping, who ordered a halt to Ant Financial’s IPO.

The internet giant seems to be having a rough time of it, as another Chinese internet bigwig announced his “retirement” on May 20, with the announcement that Zhang Yiming, the 38-year-old founder of ByteBeat, will step down as CEO.

When Jack Ma announced his exit from Alibaba, he was only 54 years old, and many people praised him for his wisdom. But from his later encounter, he did not really retreat.