The party celebrated the escalation of stability national ban on the sale of drones

On the eve of the Communist Party’s centennial, Alibaba China issued a notice on Thursday (17) announcing a moratorium on the sale of drone-related goods from now until July 15, in which even birds such as white doves are banned from flying in Beijing. Outside analysis suggests that the policy is related to the Communist Party’s centennial celebration, and that authorities want to keep airspace absolutely safe to avoid “accidents” during the party celebration.

Alibaba China issued a notice on the suspension of sales of drone-related products, stating that at the request of the regulatory authorities, the sale of all shuttles, aerial models with over-the-horizon flight capability, light and small drones, including key parts and components such as head-mounted displays, graphic modules and flight control modules, will be suspended from now until July 15. At the same time, the authorities prohibit the release of publicity and teaching information about related products and flight activities.

Outside analysis suggests that the reason for suspending the sale of drones is related to the Communist Party’s celebration. Mr. Lu, a netizen, said that the authorities had previously explored the policy of banning the sale of drones, but then did not implement it specifically, and now suddenly issued a ban on sales, presumably related to the Communist Party’s celebration.

Mr. Lu: “I checked some, now only Jingdong full shelf, other sites also seem to buy. Just now I also searched in Poundland, should be on the counter drones can still be sold. Restrictions until mid-July, should be in line with the 100th anniversary of the party. “

Although the Chinese drone brand “DJI” has not announced the suspension of sales, but in Taobao, Tmall and other web pages can no longer buy DJI products. The reporter went to Taobao on Friday and searched for the words “drone” and “drone DJI”. Although the website still showed various models and accessories, when the reporter wanted to continue buying, the website said that the sale had been suspended. In addition, the reporter went to the official website of Jingdong to search for “drones”, but the website showed that “no drone-related products were found”.

Authorities have issued a “no-fly order” in several key cities and provinces as early as early June. In Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Sichuan Province and Henan Province, authorities banned regional aviation sports associations and flight camps from conducting any drone events and flight training, and prohibited enthusiasts from using traversing aircraft for all kinds of flying activities. In Beijing, the authorities have designated the districts of Dongcheng, Xicheng and Chaoyang as “restricted airspace zones” to ensure the safety of flight activities during the 100th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the Communist Party of China, prohibiting not only the flying of drones, kites, balloons and other The “objects that affect flight safety” are prohibited, and even birds such as pigeons are banned.

Beijing strengthens control to avoid party celebration chaos

A man surnamed Li in Beijing disregarded the authorities’ order to fly a drone in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, which was accused of violating the “restricted airspace” regulations and was eventually administratively detained by the authorities. The authorities stressed that market supervision departments around the country should conscientiously implement their responsibilities to actively monitor information about the sale of drones, and to punish violations of the law and pursue criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.

Chongqing dissident Xu Wanping said that China is now doing a good job in a major outreach to try to turn around its international image.

Xu Wanping: she is their own control, certainly need to strengthen. On the other hand, she is not asking for a big foreign propaganda, to turn around the international image, so she also left a little room, this kind of thing, then a year may not be able to be liberalized.

Shenyang visitors Li Ping also agreed, said the central government’s move is to “maintain stability”.

Li Ping: She must be engaged in maintaining stability ah. What are the drones used for? Drones are used to monitor.

The previous year, the two meetings to prevent terrorist attacks had ordered a ban on flying drones

Checking the information, Beijing also ordered a ban on flying drones during the two sessions in 2019. At the time, a person familiar with drones analyzed that the ban on flying drones was mainly to prevent terrorist attacks, prevent leaks, and prevent catastrophic accidents. In terms of preventing terrorist attacks, the analysis said that small and light drones have no purchase restrictions and can easily be used by lawless elements as a tool to carry dangerous goods; as for leaks, the analysis also said that if the drones carry high-definition cameras, they can be used to secretly take pictures from outside the target control area.