South Korea’s Atomic Energy Research Institute hacked, some IP addresses rumored to be from North Korean hacker group

The South Korean parliamentary intelligence committee officer, National Power Party lawmaker Ha Tae-kyung (하태경) today reported that the South Korean Institute of Atomic Energy was attacked by hackers, and after tracing the IP address, it was found to be connected to a North Korean hacker group’s server, and the relevant units have been investigating.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, Ha Tae-Kyung said at a press conference that the South Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute was hacked into by 13 unauthorized foreign IP addresses on the 14th of January; the research organization traced the IP addresses and found that some of them were related to the hacker group “Kimsuky”, which is suspected to have the background of the North Korean Military Reconnaissance General Bureau. The company said that if South Korea’s own technology is leaked by North Korea, the seriousness is not less than the hacking of the South Korean Ministry of Defense five years ago.

The company’s IP address was stolen from the email user name of Moon Jung-in (문정인), the former special assistant to the South Korean president for foreign affairs, which is indirect evidence that North Korea and Moon Jung-in’s email was hacked in 2018.

The South Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute denied this beforehand and then admitted that “hacking is a fact”, but whether the whole incident is related to the North Korean hacker group will have to be investigated by the relevant units.

About 160 institutions in South Korea were attacked by North Korean hackers in February 2016, and 42,000 files were leaked, including more than 40,000 defense-related documents, causing an uproar.