The Great Mother of the Yellow Flag: A Thousand Years of Grassroots Imperial Dreams

The more people at the bottom, the more they like to divide people into three or six or nine classes.

The video of a Beijing woman on a bus suddenly caught fire, allegedly because she thought the passenger did not give up her seat in time, the woman cursed at the suspected foreigner, who claimed to be an “authentic Beijinger The video is said to be because of the suspicion that the passenger gave up her seat in time, the older woman cursed at the suspected foreigner, she claimed to be an “authentic Beijinger”, descendants of the Qing dynasty’s yellow flag, and had a “Tongtian pattern” between her brows. The video is estimated that everyone has watched, not seen, you can enjoy searching the Internet for the “descendants of the Qing nobility” cursing the heroic posture of.

The video is a good example of how the “descendants of the Qing dynasty” scolded people: from Beijing’s household registration policy, to the pension system, and then to the imperial phase of the “Tontine pattern”. The woman is a very good person, and she has learned a lot about the past and present. I was enlightened after reading.

The yellow flag descendants? Manchu nobles? Could it be that you are Guo Degang Laozi said: eight iron hat king of the ninth, the Qing dynasty green hat king, Aixinjueluo – basket of descendants?

If so, it’s good. Your Honor, the Qing Dynasty has been dead for many years. You have just crossed over to a republic where everyone is equal, and now the last emperor, Pu Yi, has to follow the civic code and line up for tickets when he returns to the Forbidden City.

Joking aside, this angry scolding of the mother, in fact, reminds me of some things, one by one.


We usually always think that the more people who are not as happy as they are, the more they should oppose class differentiation and the discrimination that comes with it, but in fact the opposite is true, there are some people in the bottom class who really love class differentiation and discrimination refinement, and they live by it.

Although the video is very short, but we can easily see that the “yellow flag aunt” in fact mixed not much noble model, otherwise it would not be with our grassroots crowded bus, put every month several thousand pension out The actual fact is that the actual people are not really a lot of people. The actual fact is that the actual people are the same as the bottom, the ama should be with our “poor people a family” only right, why also pose the model bullying people?

This you do not understand, in fact, the chain of contempt refinement, since ancient times has been a kind of bottom people self-anesthesia of the spiritual opium.

Mr. Lu Xun has a very thorough review.

We ourselves are long laid out properly, there are noble, small and large, there are up and down. They are abused, but they can also abuse others; they are eaten, but they can also eat others. One level of control, can not move, and do not want to move. Because if you move, although it may be beneficial, but also has the disadvantage. Let’s look at the good law of the ancients –

“The sky has ten days, people have ten levels. The lower so as to serve the upper, the upper so as to common God. Therefore, the king is subject to the public, the public minister to the great, the great minister to the Shi, the Shi minister to the Fu, Fuchen public opinion, public opinion to the official, the official to the bureaucrat, bureaucrat to the servant, the servant to the stage. (Zuo Zhuan, The Seventh Year of Duke Zhao)

But there are no ministers in the “platform”, isn’t it too bitter? There is no need to worry, for he has a wife who is more humble than him and a son who is weaker. His son is also very promising, and when he grows up and becomes “Tai”, he will have a wife who is even lower and weaker for him to drive. So the chain, each in its place, there dare to criticize, the charge is said to be restless.

–Lu Xun, “Compendious Writings Under the Lamp

I always suspect that this realization was the motive for Lu Xun to write “The True Story of Ah Q”.

Yes, on the issue of class division, we usually think that the more the lower and middle class people should hate it, but the fact may be just the opposite, as Mr. Lu Xun said, in the more divided society, there is a part of the lower and middle class people are very eager to make the class and the chain of contempt more detailed and clearer.

Because only in this way, they can find a little more “low class” existence in the system than they are. From these people to find a humble sense of superiority, to get the motivation to live.

Look at the old lady in the video, she always emphasizes that she is a Beijinger, because this identity is the only place she can boast.

So you should also understand her, not to say this, she said what?

You say, “Well, can’t you say nothing? Just as two equals, treat each other as equals?

That does not work, clear order, do not respect the inferior, for this group of people whose thinking is stuck in the “yellow flag” era, is the necessary prerequisite for human interaction.

In the history of ancient peasant revolts, there is a rule that the more humble the emperor, the more fascinated he was to study the hierarchy in order to “understand the inferiority and superiority” after he became successful. The beggar-born Zhu Yuanzhang created an unprecedentedly strict ranking system for vassals and officials after he came to power, and even wrote down personally what rites he wanted to hold between each other at all levels. Later, the late Qing Dynasty’s Hong Tianwang, only to get half of the country, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom to create an unprecedented complex bureaucratic system, the number of bureaucratic layers, the number of cumbersome etiquette each other, have set a historical record.

The most magical is the novel “Water Margin”, a group of bandits in the mountains, every time a newcomer to the gang, the most headache is actually “ranking”, who seat The first few chairs, Shi Nai’an wrote especially fine. Finally simply pulled out a hundred and eight seats long table. Who before and who after, made a clear, a little chaos shall not ……

A hundred single eight will be about the most hierarchical “contempt chain” in history, just two good men to meet, know who wants to manage who called brother.

You say that you even the emperor are against the “round table” or even a level playing field The “Continental Congress” is not good? Why is it still this way? And even stricter than the emperor’s side? It’s so hard to create a rebellion, can you all be a little more creative?

No. Who is first and who is second, who is higher and who is lower, who calls who “brother” when they meet, this kind of thing is the top priority for the good men, and must be clearly distinguished first. Not clearly distinguish the superiority of the good men men will not be able to establish, and do not know how to organize the group, “to kill Tokyo”.

Until the beginning of the Civil War, Lu Xun’s Wei Zhuang is still the same: Master Zhao despises fake foreign devils, fake foreign devils despise Wang Hu, Wang Hu despises Ah Q, Ah Q bullies the little nun. And the person who feels that this set is the most natural and righteous is actually the second last one in the contempt chain, Ah Q.

Why? Why is he afraid that once the system breaks down, he can’t even bully the little nun, that’s not too much of a loss.

Staying in this kind of society for too long, it is difficult for people to know how to really get along with others on an equal footing, and “respect for inferiority and superiority, than size” has become their eternal obsession. Being oppressed by others and looking for superiority from despising others has become a spiritual addiction for them.

If you tell him that “only equals and equals can interact”, he will probably ask you back: what is equality? How can I live without despising others?

Yes, the people at the bottom not only do not hate the class division system, on the contrary, they love this system, and want to make it more refined.

Look at the “yellow flag” in the eyes of the “big mother”, ” stinking foreigners” are “coming to Beijing to ask for food “She is grateful to the household registration system for separating her from the “smelly foreigners She was grateful to the household registration system for separating her from the “smelly foreigners”, because she had finally found her sense of superiority in this fine class distinction.

Of course, if you are really worse than the “yellow flag aunt”, not even the Beijing hukou, under this system can also find a sense of superiority –Take a look at the war wolf article of “America is scared to death”, and you can also balance your mind by despising the foreign people who are living in deep water. It is also good to balance the mindset of foreign people who are living in dire straits.


Another very interesting point about this matter is that Big Mother is particularly obsessed with the “imperial look” on her face: see, I have the heavenly lines between my eyebrows!

This thing, in China is really a special magical existence, from the Han Gaozu Liu Bang “Long prospective dragon face”, to the Ming Taizu Zhu Chongba The Chinese seem to be particularly obsessed with believing in The Chinese seem to be particularly obsessed with the belief that “having a different face” is a necessary condition for becoming an emperor and doing nobility.

Not only do they talk about it for fun, but there are also people who have really lived for it.

My favorite history author, Mr. Zhang Hongjie, wrote this story in his book “Sitting in the World”.

It says that in 1990, Nanyang City, Henan Province, Nanzhao County, Tugang Township, Mao Village out of China’s last “emperor” so far, Li Chengfu, this public in the village openly in the village He held the enthronement ceremony in the village, “enthroned 14 ministers”, opened a harem, selected concubines, and established “Wanshun Heavenly Kingdom”, claiming to restore the Li Tang Dynasty by “encircling the city with the countryside He claimed to restore the Li Tang Dynasty by “encircling the city with the countryside”.

Because the location is too remote, Emperor Li’s dream of “Wanshun Heavenly Kingdom” lasted for two years before it was detected by the local public security authorities, and three police officers were dispatched to overthrow this last “empire” in one fell swoop. The last “empire” was overthrown in one fell swoop.

After arresting the “Emperor Li”, the police asked: Why do you want to be the emperor?

The “Emperor Li” suddenly came to life, head to head answer: First, my surname is Li, so I am a descendant of the Li Tang Dynasty. Second, I have special hand lines,: one hand line is the life of the son of the flag, the other hand line is the hat, which is the son of heaven phase miles, the emperor should be done by me.

You see, from the descendants of Li Tang to the special palm, and the big mother from the yellow flag to the pattern of the sky, these two logic is very similar, right?

I have talked in the article “honest man Song Jiang”, the “classical era” of the Chinese people no matter how miserable they are, the heart of the dream of the emperor. “The bright lord knocked poetry had chrysanthemum, the Han emperor set wine still singing wind. “These two emperors from the bottom to the top against the odds, is a super idol of the Chinese people. When the day is too bitter to think about them, and then with “the emperor’s turn to do, next year to my home” delusion to take, the use of excellent results, the day suddenly feel a head start.

In this environment, the “emperor’s dream” is like a lottery ticket for all poor people, a survival hope to lift their spirits in their miserable lives. Just as the poorer people expect to get rich overnight by the lottery, the more people live in the lower class, the more obsessed with the “imperial dream”. Once there is an opportunity, they “Ming respect” to others, the more violent the outbreak of the impulse.

But when the emperor this kind of thing, you know, the probability than winning the lottery, and even play FGO shipping probability are much lower.

You want to be the emperor than in the FGO draw the emperor are much more difficult.

So, as the old lottery players like to study the non-existent “laws of betting” as well, fascinated in this way of people also invented a variety of The “metaphysics”, the so-called “emperor phase

You don’t know how many old punters are confidently holding their “research” every day. “The same way we don’t know exactly how many people in this country are holding on to what they think will be “great wealth and prosperity We do not know how many people in this country are confidently living their The hard life.

Among these people, there are very few such as Li Wanfu who really “took matters into their own hands” and personally practiced a The “emperor’s dream”. More are like that aunt, every person will pull the “yellow flag” and The “Tongtian” pattern, suggesting that their ancestors had climbed to the top of the system, so they have some kind of privilege.

Whenever Q could not beat someone, he cursed “I was much broader than you before”, which is actually the same reason.

In this society, there are always people who are stuck in the poker-style contempt chain of “distinguishing inferiority and superiority, comparing size”. The “winner” is despised there, and then to the “less than their own The “lesser” is the one who is despised. The actual fact that you are holding a hand of 4, 5, 6, 7 small cards, but also expect the opposite is a single 3, let him back to the big man, go smooth.

The idea that all people are free and equal does not exist in the minds of these people, but in their minds, everyone does have the “freedom” to oppress and enslave those less fortunate than themselves and “equality”.

What a barbaric and pre-modern view of personality, but unfortunately, it is ubiquitous in our society.

Especially in the underclass, which should have been the most opposed to it, but instead the most poisoned.

I have all the seats on the bus once the royal bloodline is in my hand. –The yellow flag mothers of the thousand-year-old grassroots dream of emperor, it is time to wake up.