Five tips to improve your enjoyment of work

[Japanese] Mr. Rei Koyama in “Ready? Let’s get to work! In “Get ready to work!”, Mr. Koyama repeatedly emphasizes the need to discover the fun of work, and introduces practical skills and methods at great length, and also quotes “There is no fun in the world, but the fun of living with a heart is born. “It can be seen that the fun in the work directly affects the work status and work efficiency, in recent years because of the main workplace book and workplace column, read and contact a large number of workplace books, I also got a lot of benefits through learning the skills, now I will briefly outline some simple change work State of the skills.

ery good use of fragmented time

Everyone in the working day has 8 hours of work time, the morning came ready to start work, a little dawdling on half an hour, two hours lunch break at noon, and half an hour in the afternoon to prepare for work. There are still 5 hours left in the working time, then go to the toilet, chat with colleagues, brush a news, use social software to send a complaint, the daily working time is really not much, but the workload is not reduced because of the working time.

If you can make good use of the fragmented time, the working time will be greatly increased, “The Art of Organizing 2: Time is Organized” “The Art of Organizing 4: Promotion from Organizing” “Common Sense of Doing” these workplace books have ever focused on writing how to effectively use the fragmented time to work, I personally read it and tried to use the commuting time to work.

I live in my own home near the company every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it takes about 20 minutes to walk to work, 40 minutes round trip a day, I set this time as a daily column idea time, the idea content recorded with the phone recorder, every morning to the company, the time after breakfast and then organized into text, so that the weekly column can be successfully completed, adhere to two months, the effect is very good.

Every Thursday and Friday I live at my parents’ house which is far away from the company, and it takes about 1 hour to do the subway to go to work every day, and 2 hours a day to go back and forth, so I set this time as reading time, read the book on the subway, and write down the good content, and organize the reading notes and book reviews when I get home. This way the two weekly book reviews are easily done.

I introduced this experience to my sister, she needs to commute a total of three hours a day to the subway, she put her tablet computer fully charged every day, choose to deal with the company’s e-mail on the subway, an additional three hours of work time.

ery to develop the habit of thinking holistically

McKinsey taught me to think about weapons” “McKinsey induction training the first lesson” “power and leadership” “peace of mind in the line of happiness” and other books have stressed the importance of the way of thinking for the work. In fact, not only work, but also life is the same. “Ready? Get to Work! ” introduces the concept of digital thinking. The author even believes that “thinking in numbers at all times is a way to maintain a sense of curiosity and exploration. Maintaining this mindset will be an asset for your life. When the author sees the completion of a new office building, he thinks of the new company that will need their “rent-a-rag” service if they start moving in. “The service. I tried to use the “think holistically” approach mentioned in many workplace books to work, and I found all kinds of writing materials around me, and all kinds of media that I could work with. Work performance has improved by leaps and bounds.

The work of the work of the discontent, mostly because of their own narrow vision

Dissatisfied with the work, mostly because of their own narrow vision. I jumped to the company last year, from the magazine to publishing, I thought I could handle it, but every week to do the book schedule, so I was very broken, I think I do the work, I can turn in on time, on time under the printer on the line, why do I have to have a schedule, even if it is to monitor my work, but also do not have to do so ah! Too much time and energy wasted.

After reading the advice to broaden my horizons in “Common Sense in Doing Things” and “The Technique of Delivery”, I asked my colleagues who were doing the same work as me, other projects, and my friends in the publishing world, the book page editors of magazines. They told me about the function of the progress table for each of them. My colleagues said that they knew the progress of their own books by looking at the schedule, so they could rush them and speed them up, and when a new project came, they could tell their bosses clearly why they couldn’t take it, and when they met a topic they liked, they could apply for it because they had few projects under their names. Friends in the publishing industry say that this table allows colleagues responsible for distribution to those bookstores when they send, so that each other know the details of the book, the author’s authority, the recommended preface of the referee, etc., so that bookstores have the confidence to buy, so as to sell more books. The editor of the book edition said this table can let the media know what books you will publish in the future. For example, if you want to publish a book on the history of World War II at the end of August, then this will fit in with the theme of anti-fascism in September, so you can cooperate!

It dawned on me that this sheet was not only to monitor my work, but also to help me so much. Other work is also the same, encounter their own painful work, why not ask colleagues, supervisors, friends, even if you can not solve the problem, listen to other suggestions is also good.

Good communication without hindrance can make you more “quality” work

Good unhindered communication can make you more “quality” work, the focus of communication is nothing more than to say and listen more, many times I recommend “the art of communication: look into the people, see Outside the people” someone said “how about the other side, I change simply useless. Later I discussed this issue with the chairman of the previous company, and the old grandfather said to me, “Look! Many people say I do not get along well, but several directors and vice presidents work with me for so long, together with the company to now, there is no problem, this is why? I shook my head and said, “I don’t know! He said it’s because we can communicate smoothly! And willing to spend time to learn to communicate with others, those who say “how about the other side, I change simply useless. People who say “I can’t change anything.” don’t have that desire, so they just keep complaining about how others are doing. The only way to make communication smoother is to change your mind, get down to learning the skills of communication, and then practice them properly.

I think it makes a lot of sense, because doing brand new work, as a very old newcomer, I have a lot of things I don’t know, so I keep asking questions, how to proof? How do you determine the cover? How do you determine the binding? Even if there was nothing wrong, I would ask my colleagues what he was going to do if he was in charge of the project. When they help me, I will also say something like “Master Xu, you are so smart! You are so good! ” “You’re so nice! You’ve helped me a lot! You helped me a lot!” People may think that I am so old, but I have so many ignorance is very poor, many people help me. And face to face with the docking media, I will also say, I just do publishing, there are a lot of things I do not understand, you see if there is something wrong, have the opportunity to teach me! They will also tell me a lot of knowledge, which allows me to quickly progress.

The short-term goals

In fact, the fun in the work is to go all out, after the completion will have a feeling of a good feeling, the whole person is painful. For example, when writing this article, I set myself a short-term goal is to finish this article before 10:00 today, and then before work in the afternoon to read it again, and then in the “life cramming class Before lunch at 12:00, I had to make sure the media list of “The Wise Fisherman” was ready, because I had a lunch date with a good friend near the company at noon, and I couldn’t be late to the restaurant at 12:10. This pushes yourself to the last moment, and finally have to do it in one breath to hurry up and solve it.

You will say what to do if you can’t finish, put it this way! Doing the work plan, it’s good to get half of it done, but even if only half of it is done, it’s still much better than hanging out on the Internet all morning! Because of your immediate action, you have distanced yourself from your colleagues. Because you are fully engaged in your work, you have gained work experience again. And there is a lot of motivation to accomplish the goal, for example, if you can do five books this month, the five books sold well to get the bonus can take the family to Europe. This effort for a month, even if you do not get five books of bonuses, get three books of bonuses to go on a trip to Hong Kong is also very good!

Everyone can choose their own work status, may be a small opportunity will become a turn in life, is the choice to watch movies on the subway or do work-related things, career planning and life may be a real change.