Frozen fruit turned out to be so delicious

Growing up so big, I actually now know that some fruits frozen originally so delicious.

The operation is all sausage simple, just put it in the freezer, freeze it and take it out. Some taste like smoothie, some like ice cream, some like popsicles, very wonderful.

Previously only eaten frozen prunes, I feel that simply live in vain +1 …..

These days I buy whatever fruit will be thrown into the freezer to freeze a freeze, and then excited to take out to see if it is good to eat, play super happy.

The following is a frozen fruit experiment report.

1 frozen lychee

Frozen lychee really hin delicious. Litchi bought first peeled (if frozen and then peeled a little hands), and then packed in a plastic bag into the refrigerator. It’s ready.

Look at the rich flesh, tsk, tsk, tsk, as if you can pinch out water.

The taste of frozen lychee is very fresh, summer eating especially happy.

It is a bit like the feeling of frozen plums: just out of the freezer to eat a little ice, put in the mouth very “frozen tongue”, and so it melted a little, the juice will “burst” open, first shivering juice and then eat the pulp mixed with ice, one bite super cool.

My teeth are not very good, never dare to chew anything icy (eating ice cream has always been licking), a whole lychee feel too big for me.

If you are like me, you can cut the flesh in half and then freeze it, or you can wait for it to melt a little before eating.

The water content of lychees is high and the sugar content is also very high, which is very suitable for freezing. The process of freezing will flow a lot of lychee water, do not pour out, just drink it directly, than many drinks are better.

2 Frozen grapes

I may be the last one to know about frozen grapes. Students who have not tried it must try it.

The grapes are frozen as if they have become another species, and the difference between the body is too great.

How to do it: Wash the grapes one by one and then drain the water and freeze them, without peeling them.

Take one and put it in your mouth, it will slowly melt away and the flesh will melt to nothing. The skin of the grapes is also very easy to detach, and the skin is separated after a few seconds, which is more convenient than eating grapes directly.

A grape is not too big, not too small, just the right bite, no pressure to eat. Different varieties of grapes have different tastes, so you can freeze more in the summer.

Also very sleepy, just ate two was a little sleepy I am now unusually awake …… If you need to stay up late one day to review, stay up late to catch up on reports, stay up late to change papers, it is recommended to match some frozen grapes (the following frozen oranges can also be).

The actual blueberries and frozen grapes I think are very similar, also the first burst skin and then the flesh slowly melted feeling, sour and sweet juice, sucking times refreshing.

If you are not lucky enough to buy a very sour blueberry one day, it is recommended to freeze it to eat – pro test is a good way to make sour blueberries become delicious.

3 Frozen oranges

It is fun to peel and freeze oranges one by one, and eat them like orange-flavored lollipops.

The texture is particularly soft, even I can easily bite and eat. Also belongs to the “fresh” type of frozen fruit, insert a toothpick together with the freeze is very suitable for use to coax children.

I think we should try all the citrus frozen fruits.

4 frozen mangoes

Mangoes should be peeled first, not frozen directly with the skin.

Otherwise take out only dry eyes, do not know how to chew.

After the freezing hard, take a bowl and a spoon, open to eat.

The texture of frozen mangoes is soft and delicate, very much like ice cream, eat with a spoon to dig super delicious. And be sure to eat it all before it freezes. After completely frozen, the small mango will become watery, the meat “rotten”, and far worse than before the freezing.

Like frozen mangoes, there are also frozen bananas and frozen durian with the same “ice cream-like” texture.

I think the taste of these two and the body is not very different, the feeling is that you can freeze or not. If you buy too much at once one day, you can try to freeze it.

The completely frozen bananas and durian may not be able to chew, it is recommended to melt a little, you can also eat with a spoon digging.

In addition to eating frozen fruits directly, they are also very suitable for making summer desserts and summer drinks.

For the new type, you can use it to make drinks or add it directly to drinks/sparkling water as ice cubes.

For dense type, you can add coconut milk/milk/cream/yogurt/bean paste/taro paste …. Mix, garnish with some chopped nuts / Oreo crumbs / coconut / pudding, think it should be good.

What other great frozen fruits have you had?