The Cultural Revolution Experience as a Child

Yesterday, after reading a post called: “Please don’t send me any more videos of the Zhongzi dance”, I wrote a small article about my childhood “Cultural Revolution experience”.

The article mentions Master Liu and Wang Li, who were colleagues of my parents, and I think both of them are no longer alive. Wang Li graduated from the China Normal University and was a language teacher at the school. I heard my brother and sister say that his lessons were very emotional and fascinating, but because he became a rightist in 1957 and became a boiler worker at the school, no woman wanted to marry him. After wearing the hat, he was obsequious and subservient to others, and the big rightist hat, which had not been taken off during the Cultural Revolution, bent his “waist”, which was a ridiculous story in those absurd times. This is the absurd story of that absurd era. The special experience of my teenage years has made a deep historical mark on my memory.

At the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, when I was an elementary school student, school was already closed and my brother and sister, who were in middle school, went to various parts of the country to join the caucus, where they ate, drank, lived and traveled for free, and had the opportunity to go to Beijing to see Grandpa Mao.

At that time, wherever there were people in the streets and alleys or in the playgrounds and auditoriums, there were red songs everywhere, such as “Song of Loyalty” and “Song of Revolutionary Rebellion”, the lyrics and melody of which I still can’t forget: “Take up the pen, make a sword and a gun, concentrate the fire to fight the gangsters, revolutionary teachers and students revolt together, the cultural revolution is a breakthrough. I am loyal to the revolution and to the Party, the Party is my own father and mother, if anyone dares to say that the Party is not good, I will immediately ask him to meet the King of Hell. Kill, kill, kill. Hey!” In those days, the Red Guards also made up these revolutionary songs into red dances, and performed them in every place.

One day at noon, a group of Red Guards rehearsed the “Revolutionary Rebellion Song” dance in the auditorium of the local high school, and the choreographer instructed them to rehearse it again and again. Next door to the auditorium lived the school cafeteria chef Liu, and the choreographer’s repeated instructions of “ready to start” and “ready to start” and the Red Guards’ repeated slogans of “kill, kill, kill” rang through the auditorium. This deafening shouting disturbs the master Liu can not take a lunch break, so she had to get up and stand in front of the room angry: “I have to get up early every day to make breakfast for teachers and students, and they are here every day ‘a cup up, a cup up’ ‘kill, kill, kill I can’t take a nap at all.” At this time I passed by her room, hearing this I immediately reminded her: “You must not say this again, in case they heard, you may also become a ‘gangster’. As soon as she heard this, she was scared to keep quiet.

A few days later, the school held a criticism meeting against Wang Li, who had been a teacher and was later beaten into a rightist but did not take off his hat. Then one of the Red Guards pressed Wang Li’s head to 90 degrees Celsius, after which the four men retreated to the side, followed by the Red Guards who came on stage one by one to expose Wang Li’s untold crimes, and they spewed indignation, and the Red Guards who were over-energetic on and off stage: “Down with the Great Rightist Wang Li” slogans rose one after another, and suddenly a red brick flew to the stage, only to see the brick pass by Wang Li’s side. Fortunately, the Red Guard was not allowed to throw, or Wang immediately will not see the King of Hell is also seriously injured.

The stage is filled with righteous anger, the stage is filled with anger, these ignorant teenagers to Wang Li where the deep hatred? Wang Li in the end he did what wrong party, wrong people’s evil crimes!