Lushan God and Zhang Pu’s story

Zhang Pu, the word Gongzhi, was the governor of Wu County. The imperial court declared a call for him to return to the capital, passing Mount Lu. His daughter with her cousin and maidservant stopped by the temple of Mount Lushan to visit. The maid pointed to a handsome young idol and Miss Zhang jokingly said, “Let this one do your husband it.” Miss Zhang smiled sweetly, did not say anything. Several people continued to play, and returned at sunset.

That night, Zhang Pu’s wife dreamed that the god of Mount Lu came to send the bride price of engagement, saying, “My son is not instrumental, thank you for choosing him as a son-in-law, send this gift to express the meager feelings.” Zhang Pu’s wife woke up and felt strange about the dream. Then she told Zhang Pu and everyone else what had happened in the dream. The servant girl told what happened at that time when she was joking at the mountain god temple. Mrs. Zhang then got scared and urged Zhang Pu and his family to get on the ferry and leave the place.

The boat traveled off shore to the middle of the river, the boat suddenly stopped and did not go. The river was still flowing, but the boat was not moving, the whole boat was shocked and scared. So they all throw things into the water, to carry their own food, with the cast into the river. But the boat still did not move. I don’t know who said, “Master Zhang, you throw your daughter into the water, the boat will be able to go.” Everyone was amazed, how could they say such a thing? Upon checking, no one on the boat said this unkind word.

Everyone understood that it was probably the will of God. One man was quick to say, “God’s will has been told to us, for his own daughter led to a family, a ship of people together martyrdom, is it appropriate?”

Zhang Pu knew that this must be the god of Mount Lu to welcome his daughter to come. Although the words of marrying their daughter is not the couple promised, but their own family said the words must also count! Moreover, their own daughter was present, there is no rejection or opposition at all, the daughter’s mind God is aware of!

Zhang Pu strong grief, said to his wife: “I really can not bear to see cast daughter down the river, you and family members to do this.” He then climbed into the cabin on the small building to lie down, let his wife go to cast his daughter into the water.

Zhang Pu’s wife, of course, could not afford to throw his own daughter into the river. On the private initiative to Zhang Pu’s dead brother’s daughter instead of his own daughter. The niece was also willing to go to the “appointment” for her cousin. Mrs. Zhang tearfully let her niece sit on the mat, and everyone gently put the mat into the river, and the niece quickly sank into the water with the mat. The boat only then slowly moved.

When the boat moved, Zhang Pu came down from the small building with tears in his eyes, trying to comfort his wife. Seeing his daughter still sitting beside his wife. He knew that his wife had thrown his niece into the river to replace his daughter. So he became furious and said, “What face do I have to live in this world!” So he threw his own daughter into the river with his own hands, and she sank into the river with cries. The whole boat was in a miserable mourning.

After an hour, the boat came to the next ferry, and everyone saw the two girls who had fallen into the water standing on the edge of the ferry, their clothes fluttering, waving to everyone.

The boat approached the pier. There is a small official standing on the shore, said to Zhang Pu: “I am the chief book of the gods of Mount Lushan. Apologizing to you on behalf of the god of Mount Lushan, he knew that gods cannot marry people and admired your benevolence, so he sent back your two daughters.”

Mrs. Zhang asked the details of the daughters. The two girls said, “I only saw beautiful houses and officials and soldiers, and I didn’t think they were inside the water.” The family broke into tears and laughed. The passengers on the boat were amazed.

–The incident is according to “The Book of Searching God