Seeing good things?

Recently, some people overseas have rehashed the reasons for the failure of June Fourth, saying that the students did not know how to advance and retreat and did not stop when they saw fit. This argument seems to be clever, but it is actually muddled and even excuses the CCP’s repression.

What kind of “good” did the Chinese Communist Party ever give the students? What was the face of Li Peng when the student representatives met with him? When the students kneeled down in front of Zhongnanhai and held up a petition, did anyone pay attention to them? Did the government respond in any way to the million-person march in Beijing?

According to the memoirs of Zhang Si Zhi, a famous mainland lawyer, he was in Wuhan on May 14 before June 4, and Ma Liang, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Hubei People’s Congress, told him privately that Deng Xiaoping was holding a top military meeting in Wuhan to discuss the handling of the student wave. Deng Xiaoping, who was used to the world and was not surprised by changes, understood early on that the situation in China would be unmanageable without a heavy-handed suppression of the school tide, and that it was a traditional Chinese imperial technique to use a heavy-handed approach to rule a chaotic world.

What would happen if the students “took it easy” and disbanded and went back to school, and students from all over the world went back to their hometowns? Of course Beijing will be calm, but the people’s demands are all over the place, the beacons are everywhere, Deng Xiaoping would be so stupid?

Tanks drove to Tiananmen Square, the sound of gunfire like frying beans, the streets are strewn with corpses, such a ferocious picture can shock one billion Chinese people, so there is “kill 200,000 people for twenty years of stability” – the students withdrew or not, the blood is to be shed.

If you want to see the good, Zhao Ziyang will have a good day? From the central to the local round of purge, the reformists as well as defeated like a mountain.

What “good” will come from the disbanding of the students? When they return to school and the Communist Party has its hands free, they will be completely liquidated one by one? All their political demands were not met, and they would end up in a disaster, shot, jailed, expelled, and suffering for the rest of their lives.

In the square, the students’ passion and free nature were fully expressed, reflecting the Chinese people’s national sentiment, ideological awakening and spirituality. They read and debated, sang and danced, and held weddings in the square, and never before had there been such a passionate and positive pneumatic day on Chinese soil.

The students lost with their bare hands, but they occupied the moral high ground of history; the Communists had tanks, and the Communists won, but the Communists became the sinners of history.