Party media front page mentions the big explosion accident-prone Chinese Communist Party uneasy

On June 13, a large explosion occurred in a community food market in Shiyan, Hubei Province, at a tragic scene. In the evening of the same day, Xinhua, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, published a request from Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang on the incident, and on June 14, the party media, People’s Daily, published the same content on its front page. In contrast to last year, the party media had been quiet in the first few months of the Wuhan outbreak, with the main news pages filled with songs and dances; this time, the reaction of the CCP’s top brass and official media was much quicker, which shows the seriousness of the problem and indicates that the authorities are very nervous about the series of incidents.

Accidents occur frequently, the Chinese Communist Party itself hit the face

Xi Jinping said, “Recently there have been production safety accidents and school safety incidents in many parts of the country,” which shows that Zhongnanhai is well aware of the situation in the country. In the last month or two, the Party media has been pumping full steam to play up the good socialism and beating the drums for the centennial party celebration, but now, the top level has automatically admitted that chaos is rampant under the CCP’s rule, which is tantamount to a hard slap in the face by itself.

In the past three weeks, mainland China has seen a number of fatalities, injuries, accidental disasters, traffic accidents and security incidents, reflecting deep-rooted problems and conflicts in a number of areas, all of which are manifestations of the CCP’s ineffective governance and are directly related to the CCP’s line of going against the grain and departing from tradition.

Among the abnormal fatal cases are revenge killings, revenge killings, and bizarre fall deaths. For example, on June 9, Li Zuobi, secretary of the Gansu Jingtai County Party Committee, fell to his death from the apartment he was living in, officially qualifying it as a suicide, but some folk believe that since Li had been interviewed by the Discipline Inspection Commission just before his death, the possibility of “being suicided” cannot be ruled out.

On June 7, Jiang Wenhua, a teacher at the School of Mathematics of Fudan University in Shanghai, slashed the throat of Wang Yongzhen, the secretary of the party committee of the school, to death. In the afternoon of June 5, a man with a knife randomly hacked passersby in Yingjiang District, Anqing City, Anhui Province, killing five people and injuring 15 others, and on the night of May 29, a man in downtown Nanjing ran over his ex-wife with a car and stabbed passersby.

Just four cases reflect the official corruption, collusion between government and business, and demonic changes in people’s hearts behind the cases. This is just the tip of the iceberg. People exclaim: it’s terrible, it’s horrible, what’s wrong with this society?

The company’s main business is the development of a new product, a new product, which is a new product. On the morning of May 29, a large explosion occurred at Sinopec’s Shanghai Petrochemical Plant in Shanghai’s Jinshan District, sending flames tens of meters high and causing burns and injuries to 14 people.

The cause of the safety accident is nothing but irregular operation, jerry-building, negligence and inspection. A netizen analysis said, in the case of economic downturn, the production costs of enterprises, the easiest to cut deductions is the production safety funds. Because even if the enterprise is punished for violations, or compensation for casualties, or bribes to get through, the cost of improper ways to pay are much lower than the strict compliance with the regulations to be invested, so, driven by the interests of the production safety is irrelevant. In addition, also driven by the interests of many areas of industry on the mainland only care about the immediate, quick success, people generally lost the style of conscientiousness, product quality greatly reduced, many accidents have resulted.

Xi Jinping said that the Shiyan explosion “a profound lesson”. What lesson? The Chinese Communist Party is aware that this lesson is: the importance of profit over quality, the importance of profit over life, the Chinese Communist Party has advocated that “man will win the day”, all the way to brute force. 72 years, how many such lessons know?

How can the CCP “seriously pursue responsibility”?

Xi Jinping asked for the Shiyan explosion to “identify the cause as soon as possible and seriously pursue responsibility”. When it comes to accountability, no one at home or abroad has any expectations. The Chinese Communist Party’s routine of accountability is: the big things make it small, the lower level to take the blame, the higher level, investigation and investigation, the party is always “great and righteous”.

There are a lot of ready-made examples. The first is that the company’s business is not only a business, but also a business. After adding a new position, added to the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Deputy Director, the community outcry, the media questioned.

And again, the recent. Remember the results of the investigation into the Li Wenliang incident by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on March 19 last year? The authorities downplayed it by introducing an armed police officer and the deputy head of the police station as scapegoats, and one netizen mocked, “The investigation team spent 40 days retelling what we all knew.”

Three days ago, on June 11, the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee and provincial government announced the results of the investigation and treatment of the Yellow River Shilin 100 km off-road race that caused the deaths of 21 people, 27 Baiyin City and Jingtai County public officials were held accountable, with the vast majority receiving warnings, demerits and other administrative punishments. The most suspicious thing is that the secretary of the Jingtai County Party Committee, who died in a strange fall, was later designated as “having the main leadership responsibility for the incident,” which is quite bizarre.

If the Chinese Communist Party wants to really “pursue responsibility seriously”, it should allow the media to interview, report and monitor freely, and allow people to be interviewed and speak out freely, and it should encourage whistleblowers and truth-seekers. The prince commits the same crime as the common people. In a situation where officials are protecting each other, does the Chinese Communist Party have the guts to do that?

Disaster relief and “maintaining stability”

Xi Jinping said that he wanted to “maintain social stability and create a good atmosphere for the centennial of the Party”. This phrase is the most important to the CCP, and it is also the one that attracts the most complaints. Does it mean that the prevention of accidents and protection of people’s lives and property is to dedicate a gift to the centenary of the founding of the Party? If there is no centenary of the Party, there is no need for serious accountability, no need for a national investigation?

On June 13, Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Ying Yong also mentioned “maintaining stability”, the same day Shiyan set up a rescue command, one of the eight working groups under the command is the stability maintenance group. The Chinese Communist Party’s “stability maintenance” is to maintain the stability of the Party’s regime, and its targets are mainly dissidents, petitioners, victims of forced demolition, and other citizens who hold opinions about the government.

Whenever a disaster occurs, governments at all levels of the CCP are fearful that the incident will intensify public discontent and trigger a new or wider wave of rights defense, which may impact the foundations of its power. Therefore, the CCP’s “stability maintenance” is not for the benefit of the people, but is actually putting the cart before the horse. The more you “maintain stability” for the sake of one-party dictatorship, the less stable it will become.

Why is the Chinese Communist Party nervous?

Why is the Chinese Communist Party in a hurry this time? Because recent disasters, security incidents, and malevolent events on the mainland have received constant attention from the international media. In the Internet era, the CCP manipulates the media but it is difficult to stop the truth from spreading. For example, the Shiyan explosion, where citizens took the initiative to call the police and send out videos and information, was hours ahead of the official media. The tragic scenes, serious casualties, and unbelievable circumstances have time and time again smashed the CCP’s claims of “China’s safest”, “socialism is good”, and “miracle on earth”. The “China story” and “China voice” that the CCP has spent so much money to portray have all gone down the drain.

At present, Hubei Province and the top echelon of the Communist Party require a comprehensive investigation of all kinds of safety hazards to “curb serious accidents”. How to check? Take natural gas, the pipelines are buried underground, do we have to dig them up and re-bury them? Corrupt officials everywhere, power and money transactions sacrificed how many areas, how much industrial safety quality, endangering the health and lives of how many people? The investigation is incompetent, the prevention is incompetent. This is like a car driving at high speed with a loose screw, it does not know when it will fall off and eventually the car will tip over.

The Chinese Communist Party is busy celebrating its centennial, but it does not know that it is facing an untimely bomb planted by its own 72 years of perverse practices.