Post-95 workplace illustration

After the graduation season in June this year, the last batch of 90s officially entered the workplace. It may be hard to imagine that those newcomers who just came out of the college campus will have a significant impact on the workplace.

But the fact in front of us is that this change is happening. According to Forbes, by 2025, the post-95s will make up 27% of the labor market, making them the largest group, which means that their choices will become mainstream in the workplace.

According to a data released by social networking site Linking, in terms of the time interval between leaving jobs for different age groups, it is more than four years for the post-70s, three and a half years for the post-80s, 19 months for the post-90s, and only seven months for the youngest generation, the post-95s, and 51.2% of them choose to quit their jobs naked.

In the workplace rules of the post-95s, the labels that appear as frequently as bare resignation are “frequent job hopping”, “laying flat”, and “laying flat”. “lie flat”, “refuse PUA “, “refuse to work overtime” and a series of things that the previous generation of workplace people would not do.

In fact, this is the result of the common transformation of the environment and young people’s thinking. 95, growing up in an environment with superior material conditions, they do not have too much pressure of life, generally received higher knowledge education, pay more attention to self-feeling and the realization of personal values.

Therefore, the post-95s are not willing to follow the workplace rules of “tolerate” of the previous generation, and pursue the workplace fairness of respect and reward.

I chose to lie flat in the workplace after being overpowered as a student

Before graduation, I gave myself the future planning is to be a professional woman. It is hard to imagine, two years later, chose to lie flat.

Maybe it’s because I pushed too hard during my student days.

I was a student in a 985 institution, a master’s degree student, a doctoral student, a doctoral student, a doctoral student, a doctoral student, a doctoral student, a doctoral student. After discussing with my advisor, I gave up my PhD study and wasted a place for his old man, and I am still a bit sorry.

I thought I would be better off if I left school, but the reality was worse. The first job was a good asset valuation agency. But I was in a state of “getting off at 6pm, and I’ve been fishing since 4pm”. And I found that our generation is too inward-looking. The general environment is very poor, the competition is very fierce, a little relationship will be able to step up, and like me, no background is very annoying.

So, I chose to resign. That is now more popular words, is lying flat.

During that time, a year I did not go out to work, stay at home every day, sitting on the mountain. Others lie flat just do not want to go to work, but I am really “lie”. A week does not go out, I lie in bed watching movies, the video software to watch all the movies once. I never cook for myself, only order take-out, a sushi I can eat all day.

At first it was difficult for me to adapt, I began to anxiety, imbalance. Want to talk to someone, you call your friends a dozen times a day. My parents didn’t pressure me, but every time I reached for money, I felt short. The friends around me have their own things to do, and I have nothing to do, and sometimes I envy the people who go to work and leave work 996.

Later, I found that lying flat requires courage and self-discipline. For example, control their own desires. When I first graduated, I couldn’t stand to rent an apartment, so I talked to my family about buying a small 60 square foot house, which is a bit extravagant when you think about it. In the past, I always hoped that someone could scold me “what’s the big deal about being rich”. But now it seems that these are not very meaningful.

After getting used to the flat life, I started to enjoy it. The community organized a “waste utilization” activity, invited a professional teacher, I signed up to participate. The material for that day was pistachio shells. I made a bunch of “pistachio flowers” in two hours.

I found a lot of people around my age in the same situation as me, with the mentality of “better than the best, better than the worst”, I will be a little happy. We can spit on each other, spit on each other after the pressure from peers will be gone, but also can continue to lie flat.

It’s not a burden to refuse to do something you don’t want to do

When I saw people jumping the queue outside, I was the kind of person who would go up and stop them, and when someone did group work in college, I would also point it out directly. Personality has always been very “brave”, speaking style is also very joking.

I am now in an Internet company, in addition to the boss and a few senior backbone, are about the same age of young people.

As an electrician, last week just experienced the first wave of 618 “whipping”, physically and mentally exhausted. I was just about to leave work when a junior colleague asked me to help. My first thought was that it was pointless to help, so I decisively refused. I didn’t expect my colleague to quickly say, “This is a task assigned by the boss” to suppress me as a leader. “This is the leader’s job for you, my mother called me home for dinner”.

After two years of work, the last time I refused was my ex-company boss. At that time, I was doing data operation, and we designed a set of data algorithm to optimize the cost and improve the profit of the website. The boss did not understand, we must change according to his ideas, but his ideas are unreasonable, according to his ideas will not be able to filter the same cost optimal solution, I directly said the reason and connoted him a little. The former boss is also a reasonable person, I think my ability can also drive the team atmosphere, and later helped me to promote the supervisor.

In the quarterly wrap-up meeting of the promoted supervisor, I said directly to the leader, “I am confident that I can lead the team well, but I am a person who cannot be scolded”. I would intersperse some tone of voice to both make the other person accept it and to express my attitude directly.

On big jobs, I will make it clear why before I say no and what support I need to get to get the job done.

Many of my friends envy me for being a person who knows how to refuse and is very good at refusing. In the face of reluctantly agreeing to things that are in the way, you do not do well and may end up not only getting no thanks, but also being complained about for messing up.

Instead of being complained about, it is better to use the most euphemistic things to say the most direct refusal, no burden.

Facing the PUA method of leadership colleagues, boldly say “no”

I joined in 2018, the idea of jumping ship was born in 2019, but I endured.

At that time, my job was an operator. When I first joined the company, a junior colleague always asked me to help her do things. I thought that this was the way it was between colleagues, and I did it in a tolerant manner. In addition, my personality has always been quite “bun”, really easy to be pinched.

Although I do not like the job, but not so difficult to accept, so I was boiled in warm water frog, boiled for five months.

Slowly, I found that this junior colleague only intensified, and the leadership also had a tendency to do so. I was forced to do work that was not completed on time, and I was overruled by the leader despite my hard work.

By 2020, the leadership intensified, I went to work like a grave. “xxx yesterday at 10 o’clock before the end of the day, you also pay attention to it”. I am not a person who is not active at work, so the leader said this makes me very puzzled, I also once fell into self-doubt, is where I do not do well enough.

In December, I planned to resign in February when I got my year-end bonus, but I didn’t resign because of irresistible reasons, and on a Friday at the end of April, I encountered a very unacceptable work arrangement, so I submitted my resignation and officially resigned.

Diversity, fairness, and inclusion have always been what I was looking for in my job, and it was clear that everything was not as I had hoped. I also finally understood that don’t take the blame, don’t take the initiative to solicit work, and learn to pretend to be busy. The face of unworthy people and things, to boldly say “no”. The monthly salary of 4000, there is really no need to waste life.

Eight months, the first job resignation is a long time to plan, but also a gas. The next second I resigned I looked for a job, 2 weeks in a row, 1 week of interviews, 2 weeks waiting for the results, the harvest of 3 offers, and finally chose the current company.

I want to save myself from the anxiety while crawling through the pain

As long as I don’t give up to the point of self-shame, it’s cute and respectable because I’m always trying.

In 2017, I took the college entrance exam, and I was lucky enough to get the first place in the competition and the scholarship in the first half of 2018. After that, the gods of fate didn’t favor me anymore.

The year 2018 started off badly and I was in a muddle, which lasted until 2019, when all my efforts went down the drain, but I was still not happy.

I went to a securities firm for an internship, but the complexity of human relations was not something I really liked. On the advice of my professor, I felt I was a good fit for research. So in the summer of 2019, I started a triple whammy of essays, TOEFL, and academics. I ended up taking seven tests in a week, spent a month studying for the TOEFL, and found the perfect data for research.

During the winter break of 2020, I fell back into a phase of idle self-abandonment and doubt. At that time, after receiving an interview notice for a guaranteed summer camp, I gave up because I was emotionally devastated to find out that I had scored a 60 on my final major and my guaranteed foreign application didn’t want me.

When the epidemic hit, I was at home, paralyzing my nerves, and fell into a deadly cycle of anxiety. In winter, there was no heating in the south and it was too cold, so I didn’t want to work, but I was anxious when I didn’t work, and I was anxious when I ate a lot, and I was even more anxious when I ate. Less than six meters tall, but the weight has soared to 130 pounds. After realizing the seriousness of the problem, I tried to lose weight again, and lost 20 pounds in two and a half months.

In April, when I saw my roommates trying to find jobs, I was determined to find a job. I found an internship in an Internet company and started in a week, which was very smooth. During the same period, I took the securities qualification exam. Sure enough, one cannot be idle.

After two years of work gap, it feels very different. This time, I chose the Internet-related industry, and I can really appreciate the development of personal skills, and the corporate culture is also very good, and this internship is considered to be a little less lucky time in the past two years.

I sometimes find it hard to sleep, and when I close my eyes I can’t help but think, if I had issued the journal earlier, if I had been successful in my graduate studies, if I had gotten into …… but when I opened my eyes, I was a graduate with no landing.

Looking back, it was very happy and fulfilling, I am sure of my efforts and forgive myself for giving up briefly. I believe that luck is constant, because I have not really conceded. Conversely, the goal is not what determines life, I am what determines my life. I always have a serious attitude, if this time not reached, as long as the process I am satisfied, this is the reason for self-affirmation.

The post-95s are easily anxious, but they are very serious about what they do. We all like to scold while climbing.

Poor family, excellent skills, and good jobs in first-tier cities to buy houses

Our hometown is not even a small town, it is full of mountains, mud, farmland and livestock. This is a quote from the introduction of the group I created. No exaggeration, it is true. 2013, the family only began to use the refrigerator and WiFi, only to have running water, before the winter we have to go up the mountain to fetch water.

This gap with the city life, I really felt for the first time in college. When I first started my freshman year, my classmates said to go to Watson’s, I asked what Watson’s was, and it was really embarrassing, the kind of toe picking the ground. There are similar to KFC, McDonald’s what are the good things to eat, this kind of problem.

From the very beginning of the material gap, to the job search and the process of deciding the future development, reflected in the gap between the eyes, contacts and resources.

My first job after graduation is to do business, maybe an average of about four or five thousand per month. When job hunting, in the school performance is not as good as my classmates found a better job than me, then more is a blow to confidence. I found myself unable to talk, unable to see, unable to understand what it is like to work in a company, and unable to understand how to make a good impression on the interviewer. What was even more powerless was that I couldn’t even afford to buy formal wear.

After work, my colleagues’ weekend plans, food and drink, and fun had nothing to do with me. I don’t know the difference between American and cappuccino, let alone what musicals, plays and dance operas are.

Therefore, in order to achieve my goal, I have to put more effort in my work. Because, only in this way can not need to rely on too much social, resources, contacts, the starting point will become the same.

Now this is my third job and my annual income is around 300,000. I work as an English teacher in an educational institution. I also taught myself English during my college years and persisted for five years. In my current position, I went from assistant teacher to lead teacher and now senior lead teacher in one year.

Compared to city kids, I can’t say how good I am in getting these results, but I have given my best effort. Many people around me, don’t care much about the salary of going to work. “I have the lowest salary in the family, and I have a house”, they do not have worries, but I am different, there are two brothers and parents at home, I need to work hard to earn money and give A better life for the family.

I used to think that children of rural origin, in fact, there is little capital to choose to live and ideal life, but I found that sometimes the ideal and reality do not conflict, work for me is a means to earn a living, I will not take it as all, and do not want to become a machine.