The Communist Party’s three-child policy is “fewer sheep, more wolves are anxious”

The introduction of the Communist Party’s three-child policy has been met with mockery, flirtation or dislike online. Some people put it more accurately and classically: “There are fewer sheep and the wolves are anxious”.

The CCP and the people are indeed like the relationship between wolves and sheep, and the CCP also praises itself as a “war wolf”.

In the past two years, we often heard officials and experts say: “Our country is losing its demographic dividend”. This is a discourse that represents the CCP’s inhumanity, treating the people as objects of their money rather than as beings to be respected. Whenever the CCP is condemned for violating human rights, the CCP immediately uses the “right to live” as a logical and confusing defense. It seems that the people of China are doing quite well just to stay alive. But it is true, the Chinese people have no human rights to speak of, they are in dire straits, and they are lambs to be slaughtered by the CCP at will. In fact, what the Chinese Communist Party has done is far more vicious than the wolves. Since its inception, the Chinese Communist Party has been eating sheep with a bloody mouth and usurping power by eating them and drinking their blood. For example, it has created “three big mountains” and “many big mountains” for its people by eating sheep and drinking blood; it has boosted GDP by eating sheep and drinking blood; it has circled the “big market” of the Communist Party by eating sheep and drinking blood “By eating sheep and drinking their blood, the Chinese Communist Party has made its interests rich and powerful, and by eating sheep and drinking their blood, the Chinese Communist Party is able to dominate the world.

However, the CCP jackals only want to eat sheep and not only make it difficult for the sheep to survive, but also once worried that there are too many sheep to share the pie and watch over them. Therefore, it has restricted the freedom of sheep to reproduce at will, and called it “family planning”. Make the sea, pandemonium, until the blood flow into the river. At the same time, the social survival cost of sheep was getting higher and higher, and finally sheep were so painful that they did not want to be born again. The wolves also found that there were fewer sheep and they were anxious, worried that there were no sheep to eat, and more worried that they would lose everything if there were no sheep to eat. So, after a period of public opinion building, the three-child policy was introduced, and the “demographic dividend” was a tasteless reference to public opinion building.

In fact, the Chinese Communist Party also knows that now is to restore the past state of random birth will not help. The people do not want to live in a state of their own survival is exceptionally difficult to three children? Many young people want to lie flat. But the Chinese Communist Party can not say “lift the birth restrictions” to let the people free to arrange at will, no matter what the Chinese Communist Party can not, mainland China where there are things that the Chinese Communist Party can not control? Defiant Hong Kong was inhumane suppression of the fall; Taiwan, of course, is a thorn in the flesh. There is no grass at the end of the earth, there must be grass where the party leadership. Not shouting “community of human destiny”? In fact, it is a replica of the “liberation of all mankind”, the Communist Party wants all the grass in the world to be under its leadership.

Even if a three-child policy was introduced, people still mocked and questioned, not to mention the lifting of birth restrictions, people questioned what happened to the previous policy. How can those who sacrificed their personal interests and future be compensated for this? Zhang Yimou’s wife insinuated that Zhang Yimou had completed his task ahead of schedule. The past “family planning” policy has wilted without a word? How was “family planning” planned? Was there a plan? If there was a plan, it should be transparent: what is the birth rate within a few years; which year will the birth rate increase; which year will the second child be born; which year will the third child be born. Therefore, the so-called family planning of the Chinese Communist Party has no plan at all, it is a villainous approach, it allows you to have a baby, you can not have a baby if you are not allowed to. People are still impressed by the slogans: “Beat out, shed out, just don’t give birth”, “One person has an excessive birth, the whole village is tied up”, etc. People were punished and dismissed everywhere for this.

I remember that the Cultural Revolution also declared an end time and a definite conclusion; the new leadership also came up with a “resolution on some historical issues”. Although these were all deceptions of the Chinese Communist Party, there was after all an explanation of the deception. Now even this account of deception is also omitted, because the CCP knows that the people no longer believe in it as a rogue, simply naked deception “I am a rogue I am afraid of who”, why do you want to give you farts account, you are the lambs I raised only deserve to be on the chopping block. So the people often hear the ridiculous sermons of officials, imperial scholars and expert professors, who daily or even openly at large meetings ignore and incite the people; the impersonal language of contempt for the people; the words that insult the intelligence of the people. And the CCP can create such impersonal language statements at any time. For example, Beijing suddenly attacked to demolish the houses of migrant workers, calling these people “low-end population”. The authorities have always been high-profile to uphold the theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and socialism without any disagreement, and also said that the revival of the Chinese nation, etc.. This set of theories is not the people are the creator of history? Is not the purpose of serving the people? The people are in charge is not a socialist value? How did the people become the “low-end population” in the mouth of the “public servants”? There are too many examples of this kind of language and culture flooding the whole society. Because the Chinese Communist Party is inhumane Marxist-Leninist-Maoist things, so the creation is a group of inhumane vested interests. Of course, they cannot speak to the people with a twinkle of humanity, but can only create a culture of lack of morality, tastelessness, rigidity, false, big and empty, false, evil and violent, and inhumanity, and force the people to accept to comply.

The evil of the CCP is unparalleled in the world, so young people should not trust the CCP. Maybe one day the Chinese Communist Party will come up with a three-child policy to tempt people to have more “lambs”, just like Hong Kong’s promise of 50 years of no change, so that people will be deceived. The easiest way to give birth to a child to print money to compensate for the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then let prices and various costs rise, the bottom of your hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Chinese Communist Party can do anything evil things. Wipe your eyes to recognize the evil of the Chinese Communist Party, away from the Chinese Communist Party to live their own ordinary life, which is not lying flat, even if it is said to lie flat is also correct. As long as you are not swayed by the evil and do not take part in the evil; do not let your head “multiple mountains”; do not be exploited by the Chinese Communist Party is a wise choice.