Face WHO! Wuhan laboratory breeding bats film exposure

The World Health Organization has previously denied that China’s Wuhan Institute of Virus breeding bats, WHO experts visited Wuhan in January, and then published a report in March saying that the laboratory leak theory is “highly unlikely” to be valid, and reiterated that the Wuhan Institute of Virus does not breed live bats. But the latest exposed film, hard hit the face of the WHO’s claim!

According to Australia’s Sky News 13, they obtained a 10-minute video clip titled “Wuhan P4 Laboratory Construction Research Team, Wuhan Institute of Virus Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences,” which was recorded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to commemorate the awarding of the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research as a Level 4 laboratory in May 2017, and shows that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virus did keep bats in the laboratory.

In addition to footage of top Chinese scientists in the field of virus research being interviewed, the film also shows live bats kept for virus development research inside the WVI, which are kept in cages, and a Chinese scientist feeding the bats with worms in coherent and clear images.

Sky News noted that the film, which was officially recorded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was discovered by members of the WHO outbreak investigation team and provided to the station anonymously. “They have provided this evidence and held the last stand for justice for us, and that is something to take comfort in the darkness.”

Peter Daszak, a British member of the outbreak investigation team who was later exposed in the media as having close ties to China, claimed there was no evidence to support the allegation that the bats were raised by Wu Po, and that the allegation was a conspiracy. “No bats were sent to the Wuhan lab,” he said in a December 2020 tweet.

After Daszak traveled to Wuhan in January to conduct a retrospective investigation, he still insisted that the WVL only kept primates and not bats, a view supported by most members of the WHO outbreak investigation team.

White House epidemic adviser Fauci admitted in a congressional hearing on May 25 that he had allocated more than $600,000 to the Wuhan Institute through the EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit organization of which Daszak is the chairman. “Daszak is the chairman of the EcoHealth Alliance.

Daszak worked closely with researcher Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan Institute of Virus, and a film released by the conservative U.S. media outlet National Pulse on Aug. 8 showed Daszak exposing himself in 2016 that his colleagues in China had manipulated the “deadly” coronavirus. The paper argued that this appears to contradict White House chief medical adviser Dr. Fauci’s repeated denials that he funded the Wuhan Virus Institute’s “gain-of-function” research on the virus.