Gansu Jingtai County Party Secretary fell to his death on behalf of who took the blame?

On June 11, the CPC Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government announced the results of the investigation and treatment of the “5-22” Yellow River Shilin 100 km off-road race, announcing that 27 public officials would be held accountable, including Li Zuobi, secretary of the Jingtai County Party Committee, who had the main leadership responsibility for the incident, but because Li had died, no further punishment would be given.

The news was reported by several overseas media, and the Chinese Communist Party’s mode of pursuing responsibility has once again aroused controversy, while Li Zuobi’s death in a fall on June 9 was so strange that a mainland netizen left a message on the Sina News page: “We must find out for whom he took the blame.

Too light accountability county-level personnel to take the blame for the matter

According to the official notification of the Chinese Communist Party, the units and people who were held accountable are divided into four groups: one is the organizer, namely the Baiyin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the second is the contractor, namely the Jingtai County Party Committee and County Government, the Baiyin Sports Bureau, the third is the specific contractor, and the fourth is the co-organizer. In addition, Gansu Shengjing Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd. is directly responsible for the incident, and five people, including the head of the company, have been officially approved for arrest.

The results of the CCP’s punishment were not unexpected: the lower-level personnel were punished most heavily, with county party secretary Li Zuobi losing his life and county deputy secretary and county mayor Zhang Wenling being removed from office. The remaining 20 or so officials involved were simply warned within the party, seriously warned, political record, and put on probation. As we all know, this type of punishment is not painful nor itchy, and will not affect future promotions in any way.

Public information shows that on May 22, the mayor of Baiyin City, vice mayor, municipal party committee organization department minister and other people participated in the opening ceremony of the Yellow River Stone Forest cross-country race, Mayor Zhang Xuchen announced the start of the run, the vice mayor delivered a speech that said, “will this marathon event as a platform to showcase the full range of the Yellow River scenery, special tourism, urban and rural construction and humanistic spirit of Baiyin. “

These officials of the organizers of the scenery out, want to bring business opportunities by sports, and has been profitable from it. However, when 21 outstanding players were frozen alive on the track, the leaders came late, and the mayor only bowed and apologized afterwards.

In addition to Gansu Baiyin City, Gansu Provincial Committee, the Communist Party of China General Administration of Sports and other departments are also to blame. the evening of May 23, the General Administration of Sports for Gansu marathon exhaustion held an emergency meeting, said “the original administrative management system-led management model is difficult to adapt to the new situation of regulatory tasks required, there are some problems and deficiencies in the work.”

On May 24, Party Secretary and Minister Huang Ming of the Ministry of Emergency Management said at the party committee and ministry affairs meeting that the relevant parties should be urged to deeply learn from the lessons of the Gansu Marathon cross-country event and strengthen the safety management of sports events and major activities. This shows that the Ministry of Emergency Management has also failed to do its job.

Now, however, the authorities have introduced a few small scapegoats, and the municipal officials have been able to keep their hats on, while the provincial and ministerial officials seem to have nothing to do with it, and are only concerned with playing the role of investigation and accountability, which is absurd.

Li Zuobi three questions about the death of the fall

According to media disclosures, on June 9, Li Zuobi, vice chairman of the Baiyin CPPCC and secretary of the Jingtai County Committee, was approached by the Discipline Inspection Commission for a conversation, and later broke the news that he had fallen to his death from his apartment building. Officials have ruled out the possibility of homicide, but many netizens have doubts about it.

One of the doubts: Why does the Communist Party of China’s memorial notice say that Li Zuobi “has the main leadership responsibility for the incident”? What exactly was his responsibility, and why were others less responsible? There is no explanation from the authorities. The most interesting thing is that the person who was “primarily responsible” died, so he was exempted from punishment, and no one else was punished too much, because he took all the blame.

Doubt two: Li Zuobi was interviewed by the Discipline Inspection Commission, which is generally a signal of corruption, and the death can be “reasonably” interpreted as a “suicide by fear of crime. However, people ask, those who embezzle hundreds of millions of dollars, billions, tens of billions of officials have not committed suicide, how Li Zuobi can not stand it? How much of a crime did he commit, and how fearful did he have to be to choose to jump from a tall building immediately? If he had known that his party colleagues had received lighter sentences, would he have regretted it?

Doubt 3: One view is that Li Zuobi’s death served to protect his family and his “comrades”. Because once he died, his illegal gains would no longer be pursued and his family could continue to enjoy them. On the other hand, the other officials implicated in his corruption case will be “safe”. Therefore, the outside world does not rule out the possibility of “being suicided.

A county party secretary due to an accidental incident fell, the east window, to a strange fall to death, which the dark secret how deep? If you look at the country, the marathon alone, there are thousands of games a year, not to mention other kinds of sports activities to stimulate business opportunities, they are involved behind how complex the chain of interests and network? Think carefully.

The accident at the Baiyin Marathon in Gansu shook China and abroad. 21 lives were lost, reflecting the institutional failure of the Chinese Communist Party, which puts profit first and ignores life safety. Every time the Chinese Communist Party is held accountable, it is always avoiding the important and making light of the importance of maintaining the “greatness” of the Party as the primary consideration. As a result, all kinds of disasters keep recurring, and are always difficult to be eliminated.

At present, the Chinese Communist Party has been mobilizing all the people to “always follow the Party”, and didn’t those officials who fell to their death “follow the Party” all the way to the end of the tragedy?