The U.S. D-Day Counterattack

At the beginning of the month, Biden suddenly became active in the investigation of the source of the Wuhan virus, demanding that the investigation and accountability be withdrawn. On the contrary, the old Communist Party, which is the party in question, has been acting in a low-key manner, which can be clearly felt from the fact that on June 6, the US deliberately used a military plane to bring three heavyweight members of Congress to Taiwan.

The United States chose the time of World War II counter-attack on Europe, military aircraft to Taiwan, symbolic, Normandy landing day, is the beginning of the collapse of Nazi Germany, so symbolic, not simply the wind and rain of the old man to come, of course, the old Communist Party feel the United States hostility, so convergence of war wolf performance, repeatedly mouth (resolutely opposed), this came, but angered the brainwashed pink, the net criticism of the global red media voice explosion, the pink want to blockade Beijing, the petition to Zhongnanhai, demanding the removal of the State Taiwan Office, the network voice is very loud, but is seen as an attempt to force Xi Jinping to step down senior black.

Taiwan’s status is like a West Berlin to contain Soviet communist expansion and a counter-attack beachhead, and there is a growing consensus in the West to defend the Taiwan Strait, a consensus that makes Taiwan seem menacing but actually safer.

Chinese Communist defectors provide viral intelligence

The report that made Biden’s U-turn came from the U.S. Department of Defense Intelligence DIA. The original DIA had a defector from the Chinese Communist Party on hand for three months, and received three months of intelligence checks. High-level defectors, in the end, what is sacred, can be directly linked to the Ministry of Defense Intelligence Bureau, should have a background in the People’s Liberation Army, and even higher rank than Major General Chen Wei, Wuhan incident broke out, Chen Wei immediately flew to Wuhan, blocking the laboratory, it is clear that the virus problem is not pure.

But what made Biden furious was not just the Wuhan virus source investigation, but the fact that the defectors told the DIA not to notify the CIA or FBI because the two units had been heavily infiltrated by Red.

In fact, last year’s Wuhan plague outbreak, the political and business community in Washington panicked more than the Chinese Communist Party, a bunch of circles “embracing the panda faction”, have jumped out to suppress the news, the Wuhan laboratory virus leak, turned to natural formation, June 3, Vanity Fair magazine (floating world magazine) with more than 10,000 words to expose the U.S. political and business community to cover up the Wuhan virus The truth of the incident is that Vanity Fair was founded in 1913, covering mostly film and theater characters, and ceased publication in 1935 and resumed publication in 1981.

The story begins in 2012 in a mine in Guizhou, where six miners were attacked by bats after entering the pit, and three of them were infected with SARS-like diseases. The word “function acquisition” research, in the vernacular, is how to use the virus in the development of biochemical weapons, so the old Communist People’s Liberation Army research this virus, the old U.S. informed, but the United States will not always keep secrets, because the budget of democratic countries and so on through Congress, Obama informed, that this matter is dangerous, ordered to cut off budgetary aid, but the work was transferred to the private “Wuhan Laboratory”. But the work was transferred to the private “Eco-Health Alliance”, hosted by Peter Dzak. The zoologist, who is in continuous contact with the Wuhan laboratory, published a number of papers with Shi Zhengli on the subject of bat viruses, which, of course, Fauci was fully aware of.

Last February, before the great escape from Wuhan, Wuhan laboratory has informed Dezak things are not good, Dezak and relayed to Fauci, finally decided to make a cover-up action, or self-preservation action, efforts to bring the wind to the virus is natural, non-man-made, said the virus is man-made, not only blocked by Facebook, but also buckled on the conspiracy theory.

Trump already knows that Fauci lied, Pompeo also dawned on him why he advocated the investigation of the source, but was hailed by subordinates, and even under pressure, said former CDC director Redsfield: “At the time he ordered the investigation, but also by death threats.”

WHO survey mission, last year twice to enter Wuhan investigation, but can not get the information, more outrageous is the members within the survey mission, Dezak is the U.S. representative, we cooperate with the WHO, to engage in fake investigation, false moves to deceive the world.

The day before yesterday, Tan Desai said that the WHO does not have the right to ask the Chinese Communist Party to hand over the original virus information, Pompeo said: the United States can use the publication of the deposits of corrupt Chinese officials or freeze deposits, and Xi Jinping negotiations, Trump asked the Chinese Communist Party to compensate the United States 10 trillion dollars, now, the Republican Party found a reason to pressure Biden, Biden had to harden up.

It is worth mentioning that the Australian Institute of Infectious Diseases said that in February last year, when the Wuhan virus had just broken out, a colonel-level military doctor from the PLA Virus Institute, Zhou Yusen, claimed the patent for the Wuhan pneumonia treatment vaccine from Australia, and a month later, Zhou Yusen suddenly died. It is difficult to believe that the virus was formed naturally, so the United States suspects that the old Communist Party launched a biochemical attack, and of course, there is something here to investigate the source of the virus, this story is just the beginning, not the end.