U.S. wants UAE to give up Huawei technology or refuse to sell F-35 fighter jets

According to Bloomberg, the U.S. government pressured the UAE to give up using products from Chinese telecom giant Huawei by 2026 or it will refuse to sell it $23 billion worth of F-35 fighter jets and drones.

But the UAE government countered this by saying they need longer to find affordable alternatives to Huawei’s technology, such as products from companies like Samsung, Nokia or Eriksson.

This dispute between the U.S. and the UAE has been going on since the Trump administration, when U.S. officials advised the UAE not to get too close to China, but to little avail.

A UAE source familiar with the negotiations between the two countries informed that some progress has been made in the talks, but the two sides still have many technical details to communicate.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the cooperation between China and the UAE is only a matter of interest for both countries and that third parties are not allowed to interfere.

This dispute between the U.S. and the UAE is similar to Turkey’s. The U.S. suspended the Pentagon’s plan to sell F-35 fighter jets to Turkey after Turkey bought a missile defense system from Russia.