I live in a Shanghai Netflix house apartment

Liang You Apartment on Yongfu Road in Shanghai

It has become a “Magic City niche photo spot”

It’s become a traffic treasure to take photos here

Some people started to break into the building by any means

The residents who live here

Live in fear every day

Life has become a mess

Here is what one of the residents had to say –

“Please stop taking pictures, this is a private residence, if you want to take pictures, please go out and do it. “

“What’s wrong with taking a few pictures? It’s none of your business, is it? The hallway is not your home? The tall boy with the camera turned around and questioned me viciously.

I can’t count the number of times a conversation like this has happened in the place where I live.

I insisted on asking them to get out and said that if they didn’t leave the building, I would have to call the police.

“Isn’t it just taking pictures in the hallway? Did you enter your house? The boy with the camera got angry, cursed and rushed over to hit me.

I didn’t want to create a conflict, but I didn’t dare to go upstairs and go home, so I retreated to the patio on the side of the stairs, where I could still hear his curses.

I live in a Liang You apartment in Shanghai, and I can’t count the number of times in recent years that I’ve encountered these “photographers” with their long guns in my own hallway.

The railing is bent, windows are broken, the elderly are harassed, garbage is thrown, and some people threaten to set fire to the building to take photos ……

Since this place has become a “niche photo spot in the Magic City”, my neighbors and I no longer have the peaceful life we used to have.

Forced entry into Liang You apartment

Turned into a capital of bragging

The Liang You apartment was built in 1937 and used to be the property of flour and textile tycoon Rong Hongyuan’s family. The name “Liangyou” is a reference to the harmony of the neighborhood.

The apartment is built along the street, with entrances on both sides. Back then, the Rong family bought three lots to build this apartment, but there was another lot behind the building that the then owner refused to sell, so it had to be built as an irregular wedge-shaped building. The designer cleverly designed the revolving staircase on the west side as a diamond shape, which is both practical and decorative.

I have lived here for more than ten years, and there are many teachers, lawyers, etc. among the neighbors, and the atmosphere inside the building is quiet.

But just three years ago, such a life was broken by a group of “climbing party” carrying camera equipment into the building to take pictures.

The “building climbing party” is keen to find some demon mud corner in Shanghai can take good photos of The “camera” is usually located in a residential area that few people know about, and some are even the roof of a building, and the diamond staircase in the Liang You apartment has long been their coveted The “niche opportunity”.

The diamond staircase has long been a coveted “niche opportunity” for them. The Liang You apartment building has always been gated, and residents resent strangers barging in to take pictures, so “successfully entering the Liang You apartment” has become a bragging point for these climbers. They not only want to take pictures of the patio, but also of the building.

They wanted to take pictures not only of the patio, but also of the “diamond staircase” where the residents usually go up and down the stairs, which they found particularly meaningful.

The fan-shaped patio on the first floor of the building is also a cool location for the climbers.

To get here, you have to get out of the first floor window and put your camera on the ground to take pictures.

Because of the “drive” of certain photography V, in part of the photography circle, like to give this piece of the patio above the P an aircraft, people have to sit on the window sill to play decadent, 45 degree angle looking up at the sky. 45 degree angle looking up at the sky. To add to the melancholy between the hands and feet, some people also light a cigarette and throw the burnt cigarette butt on the patio.

The window glass was broken at least 5 times, we had to tape up the window, but it was impossible to prevent them from knocking out a small piece of glass on the side so they could reach in and shoot.

Before the climbing party broke in, the neighbors would put the greenery in the hallway in the sun, and these people came in and destroyed it with their hands, taking it by the hand, so that nothing dare to put.

Some residents decorate the entrance of their homes to look good, the door to change to a fresh and natural style, and on New Year’s Day also hang some garlands, door signs and other decorations on the door.

As a result, when sitting at home, often heard outside the door with the sound of the rattling, but also heard the sound of talking.

When you open the door, it turns out that the Vlogger with a small team of three or five people, the person being photographed is also holding a toothbrush and towel, trying to create the “I live here” feeling. The person who was photographed was holding a toothbrush and towel in his hand, trying to create the feeling of “I live here”, while the background was the carefully decorated entrance of his house.

The most serious “invasion” of Liang You Apartments is the so-called “Diamond Staircase”. “Diamond Staircase”.

There is a platform at the bottom of the “Diamond Staircase” that allows a person to sit on it.

More than once, residents have seen little girls in lolita and gothic-style black dresses lying on the platform while photographers ran upstairs to take pictures from above.

Some girls deliberately wait until it is almost dark, wearing ancient costumes with lanterns standing on the stairs to take pictures, people coming home from work are not less frightened.

Leaning in lying on the stairs to take pictures, are also a common occurrence.

Shanghai in February in the cold wind, wearing a halter dress lying on the cold stairs, with their bodies to do cold experiments.

Just lying down to shoot, some people also go off the beaten track and have to challenge some difficult actions, such as sitting on the stair railings to turn their feet apart.

Over time, they sat on the stair railings were bent, and then the old man in the building had to take two bricks, stuffed in the bent railings below.

The “climbing party”, not lacking in the personal introduction to boast that they are a large gallery of contract photographers.

I clicked on the page of the photographer’s photos of Liangyou apartment and saw a highly praised message: “Why didn’t you ask me to go? I was there to set the fire to increase the atmosphere”. The photographer himself replied to him, “Go ahead,” as if to encourage him to do so.

In the residential building inside the fire, this is not the atmosphere, this is a crime.

Pick up the camera, the

The stairs became a photo studio

In addition to the bad things that happen when the code under an apartment building is leaked in a group of building climbers, these people with camera equipment are doing everything they can to break into the building.

Two months ago, I ran into a “photographer” pretending to be a delivery man.

He looked well-groomed, dressed as a delivery man, carrying two delivery bags and a shoulder bag, with the tripod secretly strapped to the bottom of the bag, and rushed upstairs with his head down as soon as he entered.

“What are you doing here? ” I ran up and drank him to his face.

He obviously tensed up for a moment and said with a wandering gaze, “I’m here to deliver food. “

“You’ve got your foot on the bottom of your book bag! “

“Oh, then I’ll just go. “He was not ashamed of his own exposure, and gave me a strange, white look

There are many climbing parties who are “gangsters”.

They take the equipment with models, downstairs to order take-out, and when the take-out comes, let the delivery master open the door of the building, the take-out to the master to eat, they go inside the building to the models to take photos.

Some of the climbing party is not only thick-skinned, lying level is also first-class.

When they follow the residents of the building to come in, some alert residents will ask, they say they are living upstairs in the bed and breakfast.

The upstairs is owned by the residents, where there is a bed and breakfast? Some people immediately changed their story and said they were friends of the landlord.

“And what is the landlord’s last name do you know? “When asked for specific details, these people often reveal themselves as they are, and even sometimes ask back in an irritated manner, “What do you care what the landlord’s last name is? “

The most incomprehensible reasons I’ve seen for “opening the door” are even more outrageous than the cheeky and pretentious ones.

These people don’t know where they got the cell phone number of a reputable elder in the building, and when they couldn’t get in, they stood downstairs and called him, saying, “I’m your son’s friend XX, come down and open the door for us. “

The old man lived high up, and there was no elevator in the Liang You apartment, so he had to walk down slowly to open the door, and when he saw that it was such a boring person, he had to go up again.

When I heard the old man’s story, I was not only angry, but also worried and scared.

Most of the people who break into the Liang You apartment to take pictures are so-called “photographers” who secretly bring professional cameras. When it comes to holidays, at least three or five groups of people come to take pictures a day, with 2 to 5 p.m. being the “hardest hit” area.

Occasionally, there are ordinary photographers with cell phones who want to take “punch card photos”, but these people are generally thin-skinned and leave after a few words, and do not go too far.

In order to deal with these uncivilized behavior, the property has written a notice posted in a very obvious place downstairs, hoping to play a warning role, so that they know what to do, but with little success.

We also posted a bold notice in red letters at the front door downstairs, “Private buildings are forbidden to enter, please behave yourself if you are reprimanded”, but trespassing is still common. The phenomenon of trespassing is still common.

Finally we realized that these people who broke into the building simply ignored the rules and pretended not to see them knowingly.

When we couldn’t stand it anymore, we exposed the photos of a few of the thieves, which finally had a deterrent effect.

In the past, the building has installed 8 new high-definition cameras and new face recognition access control, so there are fewer people breaking in and we finally have a few days of peace.

Forced to “open” the Liang You apartment

What do these people really want to shoot?

After searching the internet, I found a lot of “break-in strategies” from the climbing party, and underneath these life lessons, there were hundreds of follow-up posts.

“To go in at 11:00 am and 5:30 pm these two times, single-handedly, fast, so that the residents are least likely to find. “

“Prepare more sets of take-out clothes, camera in the take-out bag, follow the residents mixed up. “

“In case you encounter residents to drive you, you have to bravely look TA in the eyes, do not be afraid. “

The so-called strategy is not only for the Liang You apartment, the nearby “net red street” Anfu Road, Wukang Road, some small single-family houses, as well as the previous conflict in Yangpu District The “piggy bank” Longchang apartment is the victim of the “climbing party”. The victims of these “building climbing parties” are the same.

Some people have set up Liang You Apartments as a category of “attractions” on VWID, and below are a variety of messages, with some sharing their experiences.

I had to enter the apartment with a password, I squatted for 40 minutes and followed the courier in. “

“To take pictures of the patio, you need to climb over the wall to take pictures, which tests the skills of the photo partner. “

“Today’s luck, less than three minutes there is a grandfather into the building, the bum followed in. “

This sneaking in and out of the sneaky photo taking behavior, of course, caused a lot of trouble to the residents’ lives, so residents have been giving reviews official complaints, repeatedly affirming that this is a residential building, not an attraction that can just enter.

Now this page has not been deleted, but it has been shown that “the store is closed”.

It is funny to say that the residential building where you live, where to open a business?

The “Netflix culture” is offensive

To be honest, I miss the Liang You apartment when I lived in the first few years, and the quiet streets along Hengshan Road Fuxing Road.

At that time, after dinner in the evening, you could often get together with friends who lived close by to take a walk in the nearby Anfu Road and Wukang Road, drink a little wine, and walk under the wutong trees to feel the quiet in the middle of downtown Shanghai.

But now there has long been no “quiet” here, those who used to love to go to small stores, some because of the transformation into After the “Netflix Street”, rents soared and forced to move away, some were stuffed with tourists taking pictures, leaving only noise.

Before the inexplicable bow on the Wukang Road, passed several times during the New Year, and did not see so many people taking pictures, suddenly became “only romantic until death do us part “The card place, but also to run downstairs to call the old lady out, really think this kind of thing is absurd.

There is nothing wrong with taking pictures on the way to travel, but now this “net red card” photo culture is starting to become deformed.

Too many people in the so-called “Netflix” in the shape of a photo shoot, sent to social networks to pursue a sense of existence, to compare to meet their vanity.

These people are pretending to live, which is not their real life at all.

In a step back, even if you are willing to pretend to live, please do not come to affect the lives of others.

The bow on Wukang Road was taken off and thrown into the trash after being consumed by the netizens.

In the eyes of us, the residents of Liangyou Apartment, if we don’t take measures to protect our home, this 84-year-old building will come to the same end as the bow in the trash.

I hope that our Liang You Apartments will not become a victim of traffic.