Biden’s visit to Europe sends chills down Communist China’s back

Biden’s visit to Europe, and the seven industrial countries to meet with the EU and NATO leaders, and to meet with Vladimir Putin, eight days between the dusty, for the United States to manage a new international relations network.

The British Prime Minister invited Australia, India, South Korea and the European Union to the G7 summit in order to build up momentum and make the G7 the G10, the most powerful U.S.-Eurasian democratic alliance in the world.

The G10 is the most powerful democratic alliance in the world. The joint communiqué of the seven countries has been leaked before the summit is held. The first time that the Chinese Communist Party has been in a position to do so is when the countries of the United States and Eurasia are having a good time.

So far, Biden has basically accomplished what he promised before taking office, the United States to return to the world, to unite with allies to deal with the Chinese Communist Party’s grand strategy, this old politician, diplomacy or have a set of experience.

Of course, the objective situation is also favorable to Biden. The Chinese Communist Party in the hands of Trump, has eaten a few bogeys, the real launch of the implementation of counterattacks against the Chinese Communist Party, or Trump, or his staff of Pompeo, and Yu Maochun and a large number of experts familiar with Chinese Communist affairs. The United States, because of its democratic mechanism, has an extraordinary ability to self-correct, once the first sign of trouble, the entire national machinery mobilized, the two parties and two chambers can easily reach a consensus. Because no matter how the internal fight, fight how colorful, once the fundamental interests of the country, all people have to return to the team, the “team” is not your party my party, the “team” is the United States.

So Zhang Wei for that kind of worms master, only know one does not know the other, only see the surface can not see the essence, so will come up with “the United States is not united. Europe does not listen, and China does not believe in evil” is the stupid conclusion. And the entire Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party was actually “danced” by this silkworm master, it can be seen that the entire Politburo is a group of politicians who lack a big vision and a big heart.

The Chinese Communist Party’s back is cold, because the entire international trend has been irreversible, not that you change your face today, give up the war wolf diplomacy, suddenly become warm words, the entire Western world will go back to Clinton Obama kind of appeasement policy. The days of the Western world and the Chinese Communist Party slapping shoulders are gone. From now on, it’s a question of how the West can unify its steps and work together against the enemy to clean up the Chinese Communist Party.

The joint communiqué of the G7 summit focused on the synergistic development of high technology, which is fatal to the Chinese Communist Party. The United States alone is already difficult to deal with, plus the G7, each of their countries can take charge of their own, the joint outbreak of creativity is unprecedented. Not only are they economically strong and have a solid science and technology base, but they will later become the backbone of the world’s trendsetters in terms of innovative technology and in jointly setting standards and rules for new technology. In other words, the CCP is excluded from this big circle, with one side steaming and the other side dying, one side marching forward and the other side not knowing what to do, one side expanding its territory and the other side trapped in a lonely city, so that within three to five years, the CCP’s living space will be rapidly reduced, which makes the CCP shudder at the thought.

The G7 will also discuss how to face the Chinese Communist Party’s trade bullying, and Australia can again speak up in this regard. After being bullied by the Chinese Communist Party, Australia has not only not died, but also lived a better life, the Chinese market is not rare, and more fully developed the world market. Each country understands this, and actively communicate with each other, business is booming on one side, business is bad on the other side, one side sings to the wine, the other side cries to the other side, this ending is also the Chinese Communist Party itself can see.

The problem of the CCP now is that it is already too late to regret, and it is no longer helpful to give up the fight for world domination and the diplomacy of the war wolves. In other words, now that the CCP has put up the lowering flag to the West, the West will not be willing to give up either.

For democratic countries, the most dangerous thing is not that the CCP is strong, but that after the CCP is strong, the communist ideology will inevitably crush the universal values. Instead of waiting for the CCP to become strong and countries to be eaten up, it is better to squeeze out the CCP while it is not strong enough. The nature of the CCP will not change. Give him another chance to bide his time and wait for him to come back to bite one day?

When Xi Jinping visited the Red Army’s Xiangjiang Bloodbath Memorial Hall, he lamented that he wanted to “live from the dead”, and when he visited Qinghai recently, he said he wanted to “die without regret”. “The most important thing is that it is too unlucky. It is evident that he has long foreseen the rapid decline of the Communist Party’s national power, the days are getting more and more difficult, will face unprecedented hardships, to the blind riding a blind horse, the midnight of the deep pool that extremely dangerous desperate situation. This is Xi’s own internal panic, but also reflects his exhausted helplessness.

Some of my friends often criticize me for being too optimistic, but I don’t like that kind of unfounded self-congratulation, nor do I like to track the power struggle within the Communist Party and pin my hopes on whether someone will step down or not. I just try to look at the trends, the mainstream, and the direction of development. Authoritarian dictators seem to be strong, but in reality they are strong on the outside, empty on the inside, and swollen on the outside, so they are going to fall, probably faster than we can imagine.