Equal happiness: 10 simple life tips

Simple pleasures, see which ones you can do?

  1. Hiking in the countryside instead of the gym

Many people used to choose to go to the gym, where there are special equipment, as well as aerobics and yoga classes, but the general gym annual fee is always very expensive. Now you may want to give up and join a short-term aerobics or yoga class instead, which requires little space and can be exercised at home after learning.

A better option is to take a trip to the countryside on foot or by bike. It is important to note that hiking in the wilderness must be done with professional and experienced hikers, and to bring all first aid and communication equipment in case of emergency. For bicycle trips, it is best to choose a flat road, and if there is a large lake in the suburbs, it is most enjoyable to go around the lake and have a breeze from the lake and mountains.

If you think these two are too tired, you can also go to the outskirts of the picnic, kite flying or digging wild vegetables, close to the long-lost nature.

  1. clean up the extra stuff, simple decorative interior space

A crowded house does not necessarily mean that the area is too small, but also that there are too many things piled up. Instead of buying more furniture to put more and more items, you should clean up completely to make new space.

Old items can be sorted, or donated, or sold as used items on the Internet. After cleaning out the room, it may look too simple, so you can do simple decorations without spending too much. Change the curtains and bed sheets, and the whole room will immediately have a new tone. Cactus ball, small goldfish tank are also cheap and practical small furnishings.

  1. self-styled plays instead of cinema

Avidly waiting for the release of blockbuster movies, queuing up for movie tickets, have you ever thought of moving the theater into your own living room? You just need to invite three or two friends, a few printed scripts, a few cups of tea, some homemade snacks. The cost is not much, and you can participate in the fun without having to worry about losing the novelty soon.

If you’re interested in performing more than just a little fun among friends, you can also join or organize your own grassroots folk theater group. Participate in open-air performances in the square, or for special people as a charity performance, not only to serve the community, but also to meet a lot of like-minded friends, for your life to open another sky.

  1. get back to the books and actively contribute

Compared to bars, cafes, cinemas, theaters and karaoke, reading is a rare money-saving pastime. In the afternoon, sitting on the balcony, or late at night, turn on the lamp, an orange light flowing out. Open your favorite book, immerse yourself in the world of fictional characters, travel through time and space, and laugh or mourn with them.

While reading books and newspapers, don’t forget to actively contribute. The side columns and self-telling stories are likely to be accepted, and the style of the submissions should be consistent with the style of the publication, so that the probability of publication will be higher, and the money earned can also be used as a source of funds to buy books next time.

  1. Use your balcony to grow vegetables and make homemade drinks and snacks

If your own balcony is large enough, you can set aside a piece filled with soil and plant your favorite vegetables or small fruits, such as peppers, cabbage, leeks, cilantro, grapes, etc., which can bring some greenery and add an organic and environmentally friendly taste to the table.

Bring your own blender, you can always drink fresh juice, more than twice as cheap as outside. If you have an oven at home, you can also make a variety of homemade cakes, cookies, snacks, and even supermarkets sell cooked food, you can also make at home, both cheap and fresh and interesting.

  1. cleverly match the outdated clothes

You can choose to be merciful with your outdated clothes instead of throwing them away, because fashion seems to be a revolving stage, which often sets off waves of vintage trends.

Do it yourself, the old clothes after some tailoring, you can look good again. For example, a white dress from the student days, cut the hem short, set with metallic lace, and a novel and dynamic belt, immediately transformed into a new high-waisted skirt. A multi-dressing, not only can save a large amount of money on the purchase of clothes, but also in the “combination” to experience the magic of the old look into a new one.

  1. change transportation, choose green travel

In the case of economic downturn, give up driving, or rent out the car, is a good choice. Another good way is to be a “part-time driver”, sending the neighboring people to and from work, and share the cost of gas and car maintenance.

Many cities are well connected by subway, and most of the office buildings are gathered along the subway line. The advantages of taking the subway are many: fast, convenient, on time, warm in winter and cool in summer, no need to worry about waiting for the car to be sun and rain, and not easy to find the station and get lost.

If the distance is not too far, you can also choose bicycles, electric bikes or motorcycles as a means of transportation, while enjoying the sun, breeze, free travel, but also exercise.

  1. Participate in club activities and free exhibitions

Schools, libraries and cultural institutions often hold free lectures, show free movies or organize some exchange activities. You can usually find this kind of information on the websites of these cultural institutions and on the BBS of schools.

In addition, commercial buildings and city squares often hold exhibitions that do not require tickets to attract traffic, many of which are novel and quite tasteful. For example, urban sculpture exhibitions, oil painting exhibitions, thematic photography exhibitions, and sometimes small concerts.

  1. timely recharge, self-learning DIY crafts

In times of recession, you should reserve your strength and recharge in time to cope with the possible coming workplace crisis. For those who have already lost their jobs, take advantage of this free time to recharge, either by applying for graduate school or studying abroad, or by enrolling in a coaching class to prepare for the next step in your career.

In addition to professional recharging, self-learning some DIY crafts is also a good way to take time off from work, such as building their own bookshelves and other simple furniture, playing sweaters and cross-stitch tablecloths, not only to regulate spare time, but also to save a lot of shopping costs.

  1. to be a “hustler” family

The economic crisis is a great opportunity for the “hustlers”. “They can save a lot of money by carpooling, roompooling, sports, weddings, shopping and travel.

Neighbors meet regularly to take turns cooking, which can save a lot of time. Families with children, parents can look after each other’s children, or according to their own expertise to each child tutoring homework, is also a good way to save money friends