Hangzhou script to kill the bosses, the collective on the idle fish

90 after the script to kill the store owner Zheng Jun recently very busy.

He is busy with his store props ornaments, piece by piece to move to the idle fish. His idle fish home page, there are 50 yuan a decorative painting, but also 500 pieces of antique taishi chair. Plus clothing, sofas, cabinets, stools, large and small to a total of a hundred pieces.

The highest price, or he opened in October last year, the script to kill the store.

In the idle fish to “transfer the script to kill the store” of the boss there are many. The data from the idle fish shows that in April alone, the number of resale script, props, store tables and chairs and other script kill goods on the platform, compared to March increased by 110%, their reasons are unanimous.

Closing down.

However, on the idle fish, the vast majority of those who write “script kill store transfer” are peddlers selling pirated copies on the pretext. The actual sellers of scripts, like Zheng Jun, who changed hands because of the closure of the store, changed hands more often than not on the props and tables and chairs.

Zheng Jun’s script-killing store is located in the Mishang Commercial Center in Zhuntang, out of the Xiangshan subway station on Line 6. When the initial choice here, because there will be no nearby a live script kill store. The potential market for students from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Conservatory of Music in the vicinity convinced Zheng Jun that a script-killing store here would not lose money.

After all, students are the only ones who have the time and love to try something new, and can call on a team of 7 or 8 people at any time.

Compared to the vast majority of Hangzhou only open desktop script killing store, Zheng Jun store two hundred square live-action search script heavy handed a lot. Store a total of 400 square, Zheng Jun intends to change hands with 66,000 yuan of rental prices. This price is lower than when he took over a lot. But no matter what, also better than the current monthly net loss of more than 20,000.

Zheng Jun store script kill type there are two, 6 people involved in the single 98 yuan desktop script and 8 people involved in the single 198 yuan live script. Calculated to cover the monthly rent of 20,000 and get profits, only need to have a wave of customers every two days to spend on it. But after opening for a few months, Zheng Jun soon discovered that he was still thinking too naively: the real script-killing enthusiasts would still be the ones who would be spending money.

The real script-killing enthusiasts will still take Yan’an Road Longxiang Bridge as their destination.

The Mingzhu Small Department Store Market has changed its label of being a “shopping mecca for young people” for more than 20 years, and with its dense collection of scripted killers, board games and secret rooms, the old mall has been reborn. The old mall has been reborn with a new landmark identity.

Among the more than 20 large and small reasoning stores in the Pearl Center, there is the NINES Reasoning Hall, the first full-scene script killing in Zhejiang, as well as the reputable puzzle-solving grocery store. Because of these benchmarks, the Pearl Commercial Center has also become a hotbed of Hangzhou’s script-killing scene.

Despite the fierce competition, there are still many entrepreneurs who consider the clustering effect to open their stores here. After opening a desktop script-killing store last July, operator Zhao Ting found that

In just six months, a dozen new script-killing stores have opened in the building one after another.

On the same floor as her own, there are two.

Because of the influx of these new stores, business has taken a hit. When the store first opened an average of two shows per day, now only one. Zhao Ting asked the owner of the store next door and he felt the same way.

As the founder of NINES Reasoning House, which was the first to enter the script-killing business scene in Hangzhou, Hu Ningfeng has opened four chain stores in Hangzhou and nearly 40 authorized stores across the country, and is a perennial No. 1 on the public review list.

The most attractive thing about this store is that it is topped by the aura of many celebrities such as Wang Sicong and Zhou Yangqing. Nevertheless, Hu Ningfeng and several other partners are still in anxiety.

The industry is changing so fast that the vast majority of script kills are actually iterations of board game stores and party houses. No one knows when the next iteration after script kill will happen.

Many bosses can sense that the script-killing stores in Hangzhou are clearly reaching their carrying limits. Like NINES also understand that once the operation struggles, they will soon face the risk of being replaced by a later.

In addition to a small number of earn waves of quick money on the go speculators, the vast majority of script kill operators understand that the industry has gradually entered the stage of maturity and perfection from the barbaric growth. Only the more professional can withstand the test of the market.

For example, the NINES reasoning museum, it requires itself to contract the entire industry chain. This also means that NINES itself has to take care of everything from the production of script writers, to the distribution of scripts, to the expansion of stores, to the training of DMs (script killers).

A quality original script can make or break a scripted kill store.

That’s why script-kill chains are increasingly inclined to take the power of life and death into their own hands. They have to open offices dedicated to script writers, feed the creators, and invest money in a script that they are not sure will be a hit.

It was in 2016 that Hu Ningfeng, who switched from Boombox to Script Kill, keenly captured the phenomenon of “Celebrity Detective”, a variety show that is widely sought after by young people. Today there are still many entrepreneurs who choose to start their own businesses because they are optimistic about the potential of the youth market.

In the shake promotion, filled with a large number of script kill to join the advertising, will introduce.

Missed the micro business, missed the electric business live, you have to miss the script kill?

As if not to open a script kill store, become a pig that takes off on the wind, is not good with money. Many young entrepreneurs with funds originally intended to open a milk tea store, so vastly into the gladiatorial arena of script killing.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

But soon, the script to kill the scale of Hangzhou in the country’s top ranking, are caught in a mixed situation of fish and dragon. In recent years, the “1818 Golden Eye” has become a frequent guest of the report, there is a script to kill the emerging industry. Last July, a 23-year-old female college student complained that she was clearly a consuming player, but was treated as a paid escort by the store, charging other male players and subjecting herself to sexual harassment.

You can imagine how many unprofessional stores there are in the script-killing industry, which has almost no barrier to entry.

More belated new entrants to this new offline social windfall, think that as long as the venue, the script in place, the most complex but also spend a small amount of money on the public review brush up, you can wait for business to come. The cruel status quo is this.

Today’s script-killing industry, the entire upstream and downstream are caught in an inward roll.

The anxiety of a cooling market is not only felt by script-killing chains that are forced to contract the entire industry chain, but script distributors and script writers are not immune either.

In some of the regular new screenplay presentations, distributors whose works are not popular enough will be willing to give gifts for the market. In order to produce a hit, script writers produce emotional, hardcore, joyful, and horror books one by one.

The market began to wash away the sand. Those scarce city-limited and city-exclusive scripts are more inclined to be offered to the most influential local script-killing stores. The middle and tail and new entrant stores were crushed to the point where there was no room for survival. The tide of closures is naturally no surprise.

Recently, Zhao Ting has found that a dozen stores that popped up one after another before show closure. In the past few months, they barely survived the dismal daily only one, and finally ushered in some return flow. She said she almost couldn’t hold on either.

If it were not for the fact that I did not want to go to work, I would have asked my family to find something to do in this free 300 square meter space.