Alas, I was bought twice by Japan

The fact that a harmless female writer like Jiang Fangzhou can also be used as a traitor bought by Japan shows that the patriotic fervor of some people is high simply because their skulls are too thick.

Mr. Hu Xijin is right, a country to invite various people from other countries to travel and study, this is the common practice of international exchange.

What is wrong with talking about why Japan is so clean and why there is very little corruption in Japanese justice? For the past forty years, hasn’t the official government been using positive examples from developed countries as a comparison, emphasizing the need to open up to the outside world and keep learning?

I dare to bet a dime that these anonymous fighters are all wimps, not to mention what will happen when the Vietnamese come over, or when the Maoists commit murder in the streets, they will be scared to piss their pants.

I have nothing to hide from the young generals who want to seize the blame.

I have also been invited to Japan, once in March 2005 by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and once in April 2014 by the Sasakawa Friendship Association, a private organization, both times for less than a week.

The 2005 trip was the first time I visited Japan, and I saw everything new, whether it was the Diet, the Defense Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing Memorial Palace, or the garbage collection stations and nursing homes.

Japan and the Japanese people, all of them left a good impression on me.

Some of the names I still remember, like Tanaka, who accompanied us at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was often seen in the news of high-level meetings between China and Japan, except that in the news pictures, sometimes she was the only one behind the dignitaries of the two countries, with four legs under the table.

However, I have always been very uncomfortable with the tea ceremony, bowing and so on, China has now learned a lot of these pretentious things, and today people like to brag about the spirit of craftsmanship, I am not too impressed.

Of course, the first time I went to Japan, the most interesting is the Yasukuni Shrine, the next day to take a moment of free time, when it was dark to visit, ask the interpreter to lead the way to visit again, she also hesitated for a long time, afraid to make any political mistakes.

With the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a deal, I certainly want to seize more opportunities, such as helping to pull strings to get Shintaro Ishihara to give interviews, such as arranging for journalists to participate in the Fuji fire drill, arrange for our reporters to board Japanese ships to participate in the Rim of the Pacific military exercises ……

I don’t know if these ideas would have come to fruition if I had stayed in the media.

When I received the invitation from the Sasakawa-Japan-China Friendship Association in 2014, I had already been to Japan many times and was no longer a journalist, just a self-employed man in Chaoyang District.

At that time, we were asked what we wanted and they would try to meet it.

First, to take us to the Self-Defense Forces barracks, where I wanted to deal directly with the officers and men in the barracks.

Second, I wanted to meet with the treasurer of Yasukuni Shrine and ask questions in person.

Third, I would like to visit visit a home improvement company and would like to be accompanied by someone with technical knowledge.

Fourth, please help me to contact the Japanese since the new media colleagues, I want to drink tea with them to exchange.

These four articles are actually satisfied.

Briefing backwards.

This article is probably the biggest problem encountered by the organizers of the exchange with Japanese self media peers, at that time there was no self media in Japan, and finally, a room full of middle-aged people with a solemn appearance.

Either the business backbone of the big newspapers and magazines, or the famous experts and scholars of the university, the only one who had something to do with it was the assistant of a professor thirty years old, who had opened a current affairs column in yahoo, but he was always careful to give the opportunity to speak to his boss.

So, the arrangement was so great that I never thought I would have the opportunity in my life to meet face-to-face with so many Japanese media gurus, but for me, the conversation was purely a chicken-and-egg conversation and a waste of expression.

The most rewarding part was the visit to the decoration company. Originally, my ambition in life was to be a small business owner of a decoration company, but although I took the evil path of the media, I did not forget my original intention, and since I had such an opportunity, I certainly wanted to see what it was all about.

We were given a tour of a very large institution, and the experts who accompanied us were very reliable and rewarding.

Then there was Yasukuni Shrine.

For a while, I could not only draw the floor plan of Yasukuni Shrine with my eyes closed, but I could also tell the background of each of its statues and paintings.

But what is the annual budget of Yasukuni Shrine, what does it spend its budget on, what is its annual operating income, and what is its endowment income? Who are the donors?

As well, if such an accident occurs – when a Japanese Self-Defense Forces member participating in peacekeeping is killed in the line of duty – does the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare copy the pension name card to Yasukuni Shrine, which in turn enters it into the ritual list – this means that Yasukuni Shrine is activated.

I didn’t expect to actually meet the treasurer of Yasukuni Shrine, and although it was a very small office, he looked very solemn in his white formal dress. I remember it was suggested that no recordings or notes were allowed, so I was still looking forward to it and I listed nearly ten questions.

Unfortunately, I got almost all of them sorry for the inconvenience or spoke a big paragraph, but there was no substantive information. Now I just remember the old man wiping his sweat from time to time to look very difficult, making it seem like I asked some kind of hurtful questions.

Finally, a little about what I saw in the SDF barracks.

They obviously lack experience in receiving Chinese visitors, the propaganda film shown to us, obviously for the Japanese people to see, mostly military and civilian fish and water, the Self Defense Force rushed to the front line of various rescue and relief, the Great Hanshin Earthquake accounted for a large part of the story, watching people drowsy.

The latter temporary for Chinese guests to prepare some things, such as the Self-Defense Forces dedicated to defense and so on, and the level of Chinese official propaganda is also between the two, a waste of public funds are not good to where.

The atmosphere suddenly came alive when I asked some questions about discipline rules and regulations, internal affairs rules, walking drills, folding quilts are certainly interesting things, like the popularity of smart devices, grass-fed and Buddhist culture, should also be a new problem that they are scratching their heads.

Finally, that time I learned that the military personnel of the two countries have always had exchanges and learning, are held positive evaluation, but from time to time will be temporarily interrupted because of a news event, because some patriotic young people have thick skulls, PLA officers to Japan for further training and exchange of such things, they understand can not.

Jiang Fangzhou such female literary youth today are treated as Japan bought traitors out, see they are worried about the right.