Elephants visit all the way to accuse the Chinese medicine sand

You think herbal medicine is natural, but you don’t know that they have been destroying nature.

The story of the 15 elephants in Yunnan who made their way north from Xishuangbanna to the provincial capital of Kunming is like a “petition” for the destruction of their homes with no way to redress their grievances.

Unfortunately, the elephants do not know that the cunning humans have changed their plans and the UN Biodiversity Conference scheduled to be held in Kunming at the end of May has been postponed to October 11.

It is of course human activity that is encroaching on the elephants’ homes and destroying the tropical forests of Xishuangbanna. And what exactly are humans doing there?

The answer is the planting of rubber, tea, and many media are afraid to mention the sand nuts.

The sand kernel that can cure “all diseases

The tropical plant, Saxifrage, was originally one of the hundreds of plants in the rainforest until it was used as a medicinal herb with so many miraculous properties that it became a disaster for Asian elephants and other rainforest wildlife.

In different texts and propaganda materials, sand kernel is claimed to have the following functions.

resolving dampness and opening the stomach, warming the spleen and stopping diarrhea, and regulating qi and calming the fetus.

Treating edema and fullness, dysbiosis, accumulation of phlegm and beverages, gas and asthma, abdominal pain from worms, roundworms and tapeworms.

It can also relieve abdominal pain and distension and treat hiccups and vomiting.

Also nourishes yin, tonifies the kidneys and aids in the treatment of duodenal ulcers.

It can also cure tooth pain and detoxify all food poison.

The most powerful thing is that it can also cure children’s slippery discharge and anal head prolapse.

In short, according to the theory of Chinese medicine, it is right to buy it, buy it, buy it. So, for the farmers in Xishuangbanna, the choice is also very simple, plant it, plant it, plant it and you’re right.

The sand kernel that makes the rainforests grow without an inch of grass

However, it’s not as easy to grow as cabbage. Sand kernel likes a warm, shady and humid growing environment, so farmers will plant it under trees in the rainforest. All the way up to here is still the part that herbal sellers are happy to advertise, that the sand kernel is harvested from the natural and mysterious primeval rainforest, the aura of heaven and earth, the essence of the sun and moon ……

But think about it, this is not deep mountain harvesting, this is the act of planting ah. The most important thing about planting is to strive to produce the most crops that farmers want per unit area, meaning that everything else in the environment has to make way for planting.

Whatever you dance grass, red-backed bamboo grass, variegated orchid, in the eyes of farmers growing herbs, all are weeds that compete with sand nuts for nutrients, all must be eradicated.

Biodiversity? Can they be sold for money?

When the forest undergrowth is planted with sand kernels, all other shrubs and herbs are removed.

Yes, biodiversity doesn’t sell, but elephants need it, white-cheeked gibbons need it, and hundreds of species of tropical rainforest wildlife need it, because it is a rich and fragile ecosystem.

According to the data in the paper “Current Situation of Sand Kernel Planting in Mengla Nature Reserve and Management Countermeasures” (2019) by Hailong Xu et al, the distribution of sand kernel planting in Mengla Nature Reserve (total area 190,350,000 mu) is 60% in the experimental area, 35% in the buffer area, and 5% in the core area.

A study of the plant community of sand nuts planted under the forest showed that the planting of sand nuts under the tropical rainforest caused the loss of 70%-90% of species and the disappearance of 98% of individuals. Shrubs and herbaceous plants were largely removed, with a species loss rate of 100%, while tree species had a loss rate of 60-70%.

The heartbreak of sand nuts

According to the data of the “Sand Kernel Planting Development Report 2019.8.11”, the total annual demand of China’s sand kernel for medicinal and edible purposes is about 2,000 tons, with an annual export volume of more than 500 tons, and increasing upward at a rate of 3%-5% per year. in 2008, the area of sand kernel planted in the ground was nearly 110,000 mu, and Yunnan sand kernel had a share of more than 80% in the national market.

According to the data released by the Sixth Scientific Development Exchange of Chinese Materia Medica Industry in Yunnan Province (2020), the planting area of Chinese materia medica in Yunnan Province reached 8,727,000 mu in 2019, and the planting area ranked first in the country for three consecutive years. Su Bao, president of Yunnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Planting and Breeding Industry Association, introduced that the planting area of 17 species such as sand nuts and panax pseudoginseng exceeded 100,000 mu, and the agricultural output value of 10 species such as sand nuts, dendrobium and asparagus exceeded 1 billion yuan.

In addition, as villagers frequently enter the reserve for planting, managing and picking sand nuts, wild fires, poaching and logging have increased, which are prone to forest fires and bring great pressure to the management of the nature reserve and biodiversity protection.

Dr. Gu Bojian from the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University believes that the northward migration of elephants is related to the encroachment of cash crops such as sand nuts and rubber forests on the natural forests of Xishuangbanna. However, the news was deleted after it was published on the Punch website and could only be disseminated in the form of pictures.

I wonder, rubber can at least make a condom, sand seeds so many why? The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of the same things as you can.

The scourge of rainforest destruction is revealed, you do not correct even if, but also not allowed to speak?

Both sand nuts, and put to death.

Elephants can not petition?