Communist Party celebration is like a military parade Tiananmen Square will be closed for nine days

Overseas pro-China media outlet reported that although there will be no military parade in the usual sense, a party celebration will be arranged for the first time in Tiananmen Square for the centennial of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. The report said that the party celebration is better than a military parade, or comparable to one.

In order to arrange this party celebration, Tiananmen Square will be suspended for nine days. The square and parts of the surrounding area have been closed since the end of May in order to build the facilities for the celebration.

In addition, there was already news in mid-May that an aerial parade would take place on the day of the party celebration. Military aircraft will pass over the celebration site in formation as a performance item.

From these circumstances, the scale of this Centennial Party Congress will be unprecedented, the report analyzed. In addition to the party congress in Beijing, tens of millions of party members in provinces, cities and grassroots units may participate in the celebrations on July 1 in the form of teleconferences.